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  1. GOOD PLAY, D! Now they're only going to TIE you as opposed to going ahead! Don't worry - they'll do that NEXT DRIVE!!!!!!
  2. The refs have made some awful calls. That being said, if we didn't have a team full of losers, it shouldn't be a f____g issue.
  3. Make sure you pass it BEHIND the receiver, Matt. No - really!
  4. They suck. They are losers. If Blank has any sense, he'll fire every single person in the organization - with the exception of Grady.
  5. So this is where the Falcons start throwing predictable 3 yard passes over the middle as well as 2-3 yard outs. Nothing will happen but 3 & outs, and then Ryan will start throwing INT's. This is how losers play.
  6. SOSDD. And now the Falcons will implement prevent offense. Yay!
  7. Don't you just love how effective the Falcons are when they go to prevent in the 3rd?
  8. But ROMERO is the front-runner for the Falcons' GM job. Tell us you knew!
  9. Why all the trolling hate? You know you'll get reprimanded here for doing such a thing, don't you? Oh wait - maybe you're with the "in" crowd. Money has a way of taking care of anything. Sorry you're too inept to figure that out. Carry on.
  10. Unfortunately - I think you're right. It's at least time to draft the highest QB we can find, though. The writing is more than on the wall now.
  11. His "Ice" has been gone for several years now. Trade. Him. Now.
  12. It would be interesting - no - FUNNY to see his 3rd down QBR this year. He needs to go. NOW.
  13. Ever noticed how often Matt gets sacked on 3rd downs - or when in the RZ? He's got great stats on 1st and 2nd down.
  14. 100% agree. You could tell right away that the Falcons' D knew they were going to lose it. We won't get Trevor, though. The Falcons will win just enough to make sure that never happens. It's what the Falcons have always done.
  15. Only the Falcons could lose a game from scoring a go ahead TD at the end of a game. JFC.
  16. I've never seen the philosophy of a team change so much in one week. Great job so far, Mr. Morris.
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