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  1. Holy ____! Ryan didn't hold on to the ball to get sacked on 3rd down!
  2. Poor coaching & bad attitudes. This is why the Falcons p___ss me off so badly. They can actually play when they want to...
  3. Fabulous response. Something tells me you seriously have to give serious thought to involuntary muscle control tasks - such as breathing. Run along, little fellow. You're not very good at this type thing.
  4. Oh my - are you the local ankle-biter? Was just curious. PS: It's "you're", little guy.
  5. I've seen the Chiefs enough to know that this is the worst I've seen them play in the last few years. Falcons are playing good (for them), but the Chiefs are seriously sucking.
  6. Matt Ryan is really awesome on third downs! Sincerely, No He's Not
  7. https://www.nfl.com/players/matt-ryan/stats/situational Look at "Quarters". Look at "Behind 1-8 points". If you have an IQ higher than room temperature, you'll hopefully be able to understand that. I'd LOVE to see Noodles' QBR on 3rd downs in the 2nd half this year...
  8. The ENTIRE TEAM sucks. This much is certain. It's not just Noodles, but he's dropping off at an unacceptable rate. He's just the opposite of clutch now.
  9. https://www.nfl.com/players/matt-ryan/stats/situational Look at "Quarters". Can't find what the QBR is, but you can bet it's fantastically low.
  10. Do us a favor. See if you can find what Ryan's QBR is on third downs in the 2nd half of games this year.
  11. Absolutely. If the Falcons canned every player but Grady after this season, my feelings wouldn't be hurt. Grady is THE man.
  12. Grady is the ONLY one who consistently earns his paycheck.
  13. I feel sorry for Grady. He deserves better than this.
  14. You've just got to consider it comedy at this point. When you do, you'll feel better. Trust me on this.
  15. And Noodles goes down on 3rd down again. Whoever saw that coming?🤣
  16. Good -3 yard pass, Matt! At least that improves your %!
  17. "nothing's more fun than being a Sunday masochist...."
  18. Would ANYBODY know where to find what Ryan's QBR is this year on 3rd downs? I'm gonna guess it's about 3 or 4.
  19. Oh look - Noodles couldn't get any more air under the ball. And NOW HE GETS SACKED!
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