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  1. So they finally pick the last game of the season to play like crap in the 1st half and GOOD in the 2nd half. SMFH
  2. My god - they're playing defense in the first two games.😲 No way they would have won that game against Memphis last year. Even not shooting their best (certainly not like they did against the Bulls), they found a way to win. Great, great sign...
  3. Had Koo made the FG, the Falcons still would have lost. Koo actually did us a favor by preventing further masochism on our parts...
  4. Nailed it. The players expect to lose. When you have that - you're cooked...
  5. Try "an" again?😂 Don't mind me. I'm merely pointing out your flaws. You're hanging yourself.
  6. AU fan here, too. This hasn't been a good year for any of our teams.
  7. FU<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<k. FALCONING.
  8. God- Please let the Falcons get a TD in the red zone.
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