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  1. I'm sure the Falcons will get a decent pick out of this, so there's that. Here's the thing, though. Once you implement "Falcon Luck" into the equation, whoever we draft will probably end up personally disabled from something as odd as being in a personal lubricant fire - so you always have to factor that in.
  2. You’re right. Sincerely, The Giants Regardless - this team needs discipline. Soft has gotten us where we’re at.
  3. I'd be more than willing to bet that Quinn can't play a guitar like that guy could.
  4. So let's get this right - we're going to dismantle the team and let Hair Boy (Dimitroff) go out and work his magic again. Right? I mean - that's worked out so well thus far! Thank GOD we've got that to look forward to! We know Hair Boy isn't going anywhere... (Insert my nic here)
  5. I bet we can get a great punter in the 2nd Round! Sincerely, T. “Look at my Hair” Dimitroff
  6. Smitty's teams didn't have penalties. Quinn's team this year? https://www.footballdb.com/stats/penalties.html?sort=numpen That answers that...
  7. A friend of mine & I were watching that game. We thought Ryan was dead. He got up. I'm not sure I've ever seen anybody pop up after a hit like that! They would have put Dunham in jail for a hit like that now.
  8. I'd bring in Tom Coughlin. Pay him whatever he wants. This team needs discipline.
  9. Matt's never been the GOAT. That being said, he has always been one tough SOB. I knew that before he ever was a Falcon. This hit did not hurt him: The fact that he even remembered his name after that hit says all you need to know about how tough he is...
  10. Dig me up. I can still kick. Sincerely, G. Blanda
  11. I remember the '74 Falcons being a horrific disappointment. Everybody thought they were on the road to absolutely killing it after '73 (despite the late season collapse that knocked them out of the playoffs). '73 team was a lot of fun to watch. Reality hit in '74, as they went 3-11. '75 & '76 weren't a whole lot better... And like octoslash said - the Henning years were pretty brutal.
  12. All QB's throw INT's at one time or another, but **** if Ryan doesn't have a nasty tendency to throw pick 6's more than just about anybody I've ever seen. Just bad luck probably more than anything else...
  13. Completely agree. Dan's a good guy, but the words "burned out" seem to be creeping up his shoulder. I actually think he'd probably do really well in college FB. If I voiced my true opinion on Quitrino, I would be banned and thrown in jail for no less than 10 years.
  14. Quitrino was the yellowist of yellow. To this day, I still feel that he'll die in a personal lubricant fire.
  15. How have the backups done from the beginning of the '18 season until now? I eagerly await your response...
  16. I took no offense to what you said. Everybody's got to start somewhere, and I can see how it would appear that I was a troll. I went to my first Falcon game in 1966 at the age of 2 and have been going ever since. If I appear to be a little bitter - that's why.
  17. I understand. I just became pissed off enough during the game today to where I had to vent somewhere. I knew this would be the proper place.
  18. I posted here a bit back about maybe 10 years ago? I was banned for hurting somebody's feelings. My little bag of f___s is empty when it comes to you being concerned with me being or not being a troll. Have a fabulous day.
  19. When your GM cares more about his hair than building a team with any depth, you're screwed. This is also why pre-season games DO matter. It shows you how your backups do. What's our pre-season record over the last 3 years? There's your answer.
  20. You DO understand that Betty White could come in and give comparable numbers if she were to face prevent defense for 3 out of every 4 quarters a game, don't you?
  21. I keep thinking about that '07 team this year. However, there IS a lot more talent on this team, so it makes this year a lot worse. Even Quitrino was coaching better than what we're seeing now. Don't get me wrong - Ryan is probably the best QB we've ever had, but he's doing his best Joey this year. How many 3rd & 8-9's have y'all seen where Matt just makes the 2-3 yard throw? It's Joey v2.0...
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