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  1. I continue to be blown away with the 4th quarter play since Nate has gotten here. Jesus. They just put the pedal down through the floorboard. If tonight wasn't fun - I don't know what is! They're learning to win...
  2. Dang, y'all. That third quarter was just off the chains. Whole lotta fun. Clint denying Zion that dunk was one of the bigger "woo hoo" moments I've had in a long time. Clint is an absolute machine. He should get defensive player of the year without question...
  3. It's almost like he said "Aren't you glad you kept me now?" Wow - Johnny C was on absolute FIRE tonight!
  4. I liked Rondo, but I didn't see this coming! I was pretty PO'd when they let Lou go the first time. He's a little older, but that cat can shoot the lights out. Held on to JC as well. Very happy about that!
  5. 3-18 for 3's going into the 4th. 17% ain't going to get it done. De's struggling. Playing hard, but he's just got to get back into the flow of things...
  6. I know a couple of months ago, they were reporting that Trae & JC were having some problems, but I'm not so sure that wasn't more related to Lloyd. Right now, Trae & JC look like they're getting along great - and they just seem to continuously improve by the minute. I hope the Hawks will pony up for him in this off-season. He's 23, and he's only going to get better!
  7. Yep. They got too confident when they were up by 20+. That's easy to do when you've won 8 in a row, but then they looked like deer caught in headlights when the Clippers started rolling. Glad to see Hunter back, but I think they played him too much, and he probably shouldn't have been in at the end. Just don't think he's quite ready for this many minutes after being out for 2 months. Should have used Gallo more... Well - let's hope they'll learn. This is a helluva road trip. If they can come back home and go .500, that'll be good. 16 of their last 23 are at home...
  8. Yes - I'm happy with Nate. 8-0.
  9. 7-0. I dunno, guys - I think I'm good with Nate.
  10. Helluva great way to go into the break. Let's hope they pick up where they left off next Thursday...
  11. And back from 19 down tonight without Clint on 2 days in a row. Pretty happy with how Nate's doing so far! Great win, and a great way to go into the break, too!
  12. Why all the hate, little fella? I'm about as far from being a UGA fan as one could possibly be, but if it makes you happy, you can continue with your inbred generalizations. Regardless of your already noted & flawed theories, Fields is about the #4 QB in the draft. After seeing your reply to me, however, I seriously doubt you'll be able to figure that out. Sorry you had to find out this way.
  13. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/lloyd-pierce-fired-trae-young-among-several-hawks-players-on-board-with-coaching-change-per-report/ That pretty much sums it up. Hawks basically just didn't like him. I will say that tonight - their defense looked better than it has in a while, and they turned ON the gas for the 4th as opposed to what we've been seeing over the last month...
  14. If he wasn't good enough to be UGA's #1, why would he be instantly ready for being a starter in the NFL? Fromm beat him out, and you see where he's at now. Alabama destroyed him. He'll see much better than that in the NFL.
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