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  1. Braves' gain helps eliminate some of the Falcon pain.
  2. Bryce is nails tonight. That is all.
  3. With/without the refs, the Falcons imploded all on their own...
  4. I just hope to God that Blank and all the rest of the Falcons' organization read this thread.
  5. Brees will suck this year. I have him on one of my FFL teams. It's worth getting bad numbers to see him suck. The fact that I am using him will ensure that he sucks.
  6. I expect the Falcons to be up by 1 with 20 seconds left. Chicago throws an INT and whoever makes said INT will go Jim Marshall v2.0 and run it back the wrong way - giving the Bears a safety - and giving the Bears the win.
  7. If ever the thought of "it's rigged" passed through your mind, yesterday would almost be yet another step in believing that...
  8. Ahhhhhh - the old Falcon "Prevent Offense". Oh yeah - no doubt that was going on at the end. The players (certainly the defense) just don't seem to have s__t for motivation. Almost like they're expecting to lose at the end. You'd figure the SB would have taught them something...
  9. OR - just take notice of my nic... It is inexcusable how he has kept Quinn this long.
  10. Ryan actually played good today. This certainly wasn't his fault. Also impressed with Gage and Hurst. When you have a septic tank coach, things are not going to work out well.
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