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  1. 1. William Andrews. Still to this day one of the hardest running RB's I've ever seen. He wasn't the biggest or fastest, but they needed a semi to bring his heart in for each game. 2. Gerald Riggs. Great runner, and did it behind some of the worst Falcon teams ever (that's saying a lot). 3. Michael Turner. I know things went a little south towards the end, but he was nails. 4. Dave Hampton. First Falcon to hit 1,000 yards, did it more than once, and did it in 14 games. 5. Junior Coffey. Am I showing my age? Didn't get a truckload of yards, but y'all should revisit so
  2. Nope - neither one of them in the first. Still - I'd take Sermon over ET in the 2nd or 3rd...
  3. ^^^^This. ET is a good runner, as well as a good receiver, but he had troubles against good defenses. He just doesn't seem to be a 1st rounder to me. Best looking RB I saw all year was Trey Sermon - certainly in the B1GCG. He pretty much has the perfect RB body for the pros. Don't know where he'll go, but might be a great pickup if he's around in the 2nd or 3rd round...
  4. I hate to say this, but I think Pierce has lost the handle on this team - already. After the first 4 games, I was all happy. After the last 4, they're pitiful. Don't know if this Collins/Trae thing is the root of the problem, but Pierce needs to snatch a not in their heads. They were playing DEFENSE in the first 4 games. They haven't been doing that in the last 4...
  5. I like Bob as much as I did Skip Carey calling the Hawks (I'm showing my age) way back when. Bob's the man - and I seriously like 'Nique doing the games as well. Both do a great, great job.
  6. So they finally pick the last game of the season to play like crap in the 1st half and GOOD in the 2nd half. SMFH
  7. They're playing to lose a slot in the draft now!
  8. My god - they're playing defense in the first two games.😲 No way they would have won that game against Memphis last year. Even not shooting their best (certainly not like they did against the Bulls), they found a way to win. Great, great sign...
  9. Had Koo made the FG, the Falcons still would have lost. Koo actually did us a favor by preventing further masochism on our parts...
  10. Nailed it. The players expect to lose. When you have that - you're cooked...
  11. Try "an" again?😂 Don't mind me. I'm merely pointing out your flaws. You're hanging yourself.
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