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  1. You understood what I meant. That is all.
  2. This isn't for people who FAILED reading comprehension.
  3. Haha, you said colored, not me. 😛 But yeah, I'm all for looking around for new talent. I just don't care what color they are.
  4. Just look for the best guy. That's all I ask.
  5. Like why the **** are Anthony Lynn and Marvin Lewis in the conversation? They're losing coaches. I don't want them here just cause they're black. That's crazy.
  6. Speak on it. Lets not be afraid to talk about it just cause it has to do with race. Going after a coach just because he's black is stupid... Shouldn't we look for the best guy?
  7. Like just think about what you just said... I don't care what color the coach is. It upsets me that this franchise is deliberately going after a black coach. Who cares what color he is. I want the best guy for the job. I'm not interested in representation.
  8. The season was a success as long as they go home at some point.
  9. I don't care what color they are as long as they help us win... Why is this a thing. Jesus.
  10. Corny. Turning off notifications for this place until next season.
  11. I agree with everything you said OP. Matt Ryan is great. I ride for him all day every day, but I just feel like we need a change of pace. Something to get excited about. We've been so bad, so long, I (like many others) just need something new to cheer for. I'm all for taking a Fields (if we can get him) and let him learn for 2 years under Ice. That being said, I acknowledge that our defense is 100% the problem and always has been. They're terrible and pretty much all need to be replaced outside of maybe Foye and Grady.
  12. Take it nice and slow. I for one will be retiring from all things Falcon until the draft. See you next year!
  13. This team has so many glaring, gaping holes its incredible. We need a whole new team.
  14. As despicable as Dirk Koetter is, this defense is even worse. They aren't even high school ready.
  15. This would have been a **** of a game if the Falcons had something to play for.
  16. One more half then I dont have to see or think about these jokers no more...
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