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  1. Its a thing of beauty right now... Decimating our rivals...
  2. Sad man... All this is too little too late. Fun to watch though.
  3. Trufant pick... I'm prepared to eat crow lol.
  4. WHOOOOO How long has it been since we had a return for a score?!
  5. I gotta agree with the announcer. The players love Quinn.
  6. Where have these guys been all season man? Jeeze...
  7. Welp, there goes the pass coverage and by proxy the pass rush...
  8. Those people are mostly pathetic. Only thing I care about is the win, and guess what, we won. Don't matter how many super bowls we lost, don't matter what the records are, don't matter how hard they troll. They lost.
  9. I mean the win yesterday was certainly bittersweet for me but in the end, only 1 team can win the Super Bowl and if it ain't us, and it isn't the Saints I'm happy... Just enjoy this. It'll probably be the one bright spot in this season.
  10. First time I've watched a highlight vid all season... Today was awesome.
  11. I gambled on Koo in the fantasy and he's got 15 points. Can't complain.
  12. No matter what, we'll always have this. That time we sacked Drew Brees 6 times and beat them when we were 1-7.
  13. It's so nice to have a defense...
  14. Grady Jarrett is ridiculous...
  15. That could have been really bad... Could have snapped his leg.
  16. So what I'm seeing here is that the pass defense is better without Trufant...
  17. D playing lights out... I applaud them.
  18. Well at least when this is all over we can be like "Yo remember when we were 1-7 and STILL beat you?" to toxic Saints fans...