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  1. Never seen a more Jekyl and Hyde team than this one...
  2. We absolutely own the Panthers.
  3. Jesus the Panthers are so bad...
  4. Jeeze this is a miserable boring game lol.
  5. Running game actually looking decent today.
  6. I dropped Freeman off my fantasy team, now watch him go off.
  7. He's one of the best QBs in NFL history.
  8. To me, mobile means that they're just as likely to run as they are to pass. In my mind, that means people like Kaepernick, Vick, Lamar. Cunningham. Having said that, no, no mobile QB has ever won a Super Bowl except Russell Wilson.
  9. O - Ryan, Hooper, Julio, Ridley, Gage, Graham, Ito (if he can go) D - Grady, Takk, Rico ST - Barner, Allen That's it lol.
  10. Can't lose when you sack the QB 9 times. Doesn't matter what happens. Can't lose.
  11. Wow... Now they want to play? Lol.
  12. They all suck. Its hardly one man's fault.
  13. Its pretty humiliating. Luckily I have no friends to ridicule me.
  14. Lol poor Matt. He's screwing the pooch but he's really only doing what someone would do if they feel like they have no help.
  15. Welp, time to go take a shower and start the rest of the night. Enough time wasted on this.
  16. Hey we're getting our ***** kicked in a lost season but hey let's laugh and smile about a 5 yard run, yay!
  17. Punked lol.. Yet another way to embarrass this team in front of the country lol.
  18. If they want ratings they'll stop.
  19. I really hope this isn't gonna become a Thanksgiving thing. I really don't want to see or think about this team on holidays.