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  1. I think this is good. We're never gonna get anywhere if we keep switching the parts and spinning our wheels.
  2. Appreciating Beasley's effort right now.
  3. Like when your job is to make kicks and only make kicks, how do you miss those?
  4. Its amazing what a good QB can do with a clean pocket...
  5. Yeah so did I. Released him and picked him back up but never put him in.
  6. Nice job not starting Freeman today... Can't ever get it right.
  7. Either Jax is really awful or this team has really turned the corner.
  8. Free showing signs of life. I like it.
  9. To be honest, I say leave it all in place. Let them sort it out. Fall flat again, then we talk restructure.
  10. This. This right here is why I'm not happy right now.
  11. Go Falcons I guess... Lol.
  12. Well they hung on as long as they could. Only a matter of time till this one got away from them.
  13. I said earlier in the week that this game comes down to QB pressure... Pretty much every game does.
  14. Grady Jarrett getting after it...
  15. Knew Teco would break one this game lol.
  16. Those deep balls to Julio are almost automatic. I have full confidence he'll catch it.
  17. Beasley trying hard to keep a job lol.
  18. The Falcons really can beat anyone or lose to anyone. Just depends on which team shows up. If they can get in Garropolo's face and keep Bosa out of Ryan's we stand a chance.