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  1. I mean he's still a pretty **** good coach. Just a little unlucky.
  3. This 9ers team is just more proof that the 2016 Falcons were all Kyle Shanahan.
  4. This halftime show can't end fast enough man... I appreciate 2 hot women but they don't have any business singing for an audience this size.
  5. Mahomes is too much man.
  6. Well he's able to move on because he moved to another organization. We're stuck here with this one.
  7. Sliver jersey, silver pants with a red/white/black/white/red stripe and that matte black helmet would be sick.
  8. Well Vikes, we thank you for getting rid of the Saints but now its time for you to go...
  9. Teco killin it.
  10. I feel nasty just being on that front page. Couldn't stay long enough to read anything.
  11. The season was a success...
  12. Please... Come on Vikings!
  13. Sanu brought the A to NE.
  14. Definitely not a deep ball guy. I mean he can do it, but it ain't his forte.
  15. What was that pass lol. Nevermind. It was tipped.
  16. Sacked every play lol... Jesus.
  17. Nickel and diming field goals and getting no sack ain't gonna carry you very far.
  18. This line is hot grabage. Starting to think it always will be.
  19. Eyyyy! Seems like this team is pumped that DQ is staying.