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  1. The Falcons really can beat anyone or lose to anyone. Just depends on which team shows up. If they can get in Garropolo's face and keep Bosa out of Ryan's we stand a chance.
  2. Never seen a more Jekyl and Hyde team than this one...
  3. We absolutely own the Panthers.
  4. Jesus the Panthers are so bad...
  5. Jeeze this is a miserable boring game lol.
  6. Running game actually looking decent today.
  7. I dropped Freeman off my fantasy team, now watch him go off.
  8. He's one of the best QBs in NFL history.
  9. To me, mobile means that they're just as likely to run as they are to pass. In my mind, that means people like Kaepernick, Vick, Lamar. Cunningham. Having said that, no, no mobile QB has ever won a Super Bowl except Russell Wilson.
  10. O - Ryan, Hooper, Julio, Ridley, Gage, Graham, Ito (if he can go) D - Grady, Takk, Rico ST - Barner, Allen That's it lol.
  11. Can't lose when you sack the QB 9 times. Doesn't matter what happens. Can't lose.