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  1. You guys gotta learn to curb your expectations for this franchise. Just watch and hope for the best, and when it doesn't come, do something else.
  2. I ain't gonna ever forget it. A super bowl win before I die will help though.
  3. Defense needs everything so I'm ok with it. Need a LB and safety and DT and EDGE too.
  4. Welp. Knew we wouldn't get him but still sucks to see him go.
  5. To be fair all the Saints do is choke out of playoff game after playoff game yet Drew Brees is always looked at as the 2nd coming.
  6. Offense - Kyle Shanahan (Yeah I know he's not a player) Defense - Prime
  7. I like the color combos, but those numbers are ugly. Font is wrong and they're too big. Looks cheap.
  8. What I love is how the media absolutely leaves us out of any discussion at all. All they care about is Brady Brees. As if Ryan isn't even a player lol... No respect.
  9. Well since you put it that way... Guess I'm a TINY bit excited. Holding back though because there may not even be a season this year thanks to the virus.
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