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  1. I don't disagree. They are a team that needs to rebuild. Saints have a new QB, as does Carolina. Brees and Newton shant be with their teams next year. I also see Ryan has possibly gone, he cannot survive a rebuilding. I even could see Newton in Atlanta as he is from there. I cannot imagine him anywhere else. Edit: I say they need to rebuild because those other two teams are building for the future, Atlanta needs to keep up and they not doing it at the moment.
  2. Not really, you have to play Carolina twice, and they have a hot QB and Mccaffrey, which make Falcons defence go nuts. We tend to forget if Carolina had made two plays they are undefeated, so they are for real. You also have to play Saints twice, who are very hot at the moment. That's likely 3 or 4 losses. Coach appears done, so I am guessing a few more games and he is gone. I look at schedule and based on play of late, Rams (Loss), Seahawks (A possible win, depends on which team appears that day), Saints (Loss), Carolina (Depends on QB, though a loss), Tampa Bay (a Loss, they got beat by Carolina good defence), Saints (Loss), Carolina (Here i give a win because Falcons have played good there), San Fran(Loss), Jacksonville (Same as Seattle, which team appear, Id say Falcons win though). Tampa Bat (Does it matter both be out of playoffs.) Based on this Id say Falcons likely to go 3 or 4 wins and 5 or 6 losses. 3 - 7 if I had a guess though. By then, Coach is gone.