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  1. I'm hoping the tank kills 2 birds with one stone and sends TD on a one way bike ride home.
  2. We need some bold action like this.
  3. And now, I grant you the last word......
  4. Aww shoot! MC AARP has some dope rhymes. Maybe Ergo can beat box for you.
  5. and not holding your breath at the same time. Interesting paradox. Yea I'm leaning toward senile.
  6. I can tell. You can't stop posting at me LoL. Funny you mentioned something in another post about looking for attention. I think that is what's referred to as projection.
  7. I was just keeping it on the "I know you are but what am I" level of your initial attempt at a comeback.
  8. Yes. I might not even make it long enough to reply to another of Vandy's corny posts/accusations. I'm not here to argue against his performance, only the disinformation and misrepresentation of certain aspects. No. No. I don't. I just a Ryan Stan Stanning for Ryan on the majority of his tweets. I never said that. Cute Strawman though.
  9. So are you waiting or are you not going to hold your breath? Are you senile or about to stroke out on us?
  10. That was just pathetic.
  11. I don't speak for the fan base. Facts don't have a side of the fence. Sorry. What's there to argue? He did what he's paid to do against a bottom 5 defense. Your Rodgers obsession is a bit odd. Did he discount double check your old lady or something?
  12. That's a cute way of saying your Geritol is affecting your ability to contribute anything worthwhile to the dialogue here.
  13. I felt it in my gut that we were going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. What a terrible way to end the game the way they fought back.
  14. To be fair you never once gave any credit to Murray until this post, attributing the Cardinals win to our defense (or lack thereof). I have a hard time believing you'd dismiss a Ryan victory on account of the poor defense he was up against. Rodgers lost or fell 3 scores behind to a rookie qb with a bottom 5 defense this year? I must have missed that.
  15. He looks like a lock to come in and be a force. It's bittersweet that we're currently even talking about being in a position to nab one of these guys before week 7 even kicks off . I hope we don't blow it with a bunch of moral victories that have us picking in the teens again. If we don't have a chance at the 32nd pick then we need to shoot for the future and really go for a game changer.