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  1. Etienne is perfect for the falcons. He plays for Clemson
  2. There where so many good wr in the draft, while we don't necessarily have a need for one, i though we would get value if one was taken in the fourth round
  3. Yep I preferred Murray , but like you said , the run on cb in the first. I would have liked noah in the second and Marlon would have gone. So in hindsight they did the right thing.
  4. Top effort falconofshadows. Also i reckon boise falcon did well with only 15 players. I was happy with one
  5. Solid , flexible position players. Who've played well over many years. ( no one year breakout wonders). Im content.
  6. Get in a time machine , pick ahead of Pittsburgh and draft highsmith. Would have been a perfect 4 th rounder. I agree players like davis-gaither .Actually any left in my draft game 20 will do.
  7. Yep depends on how the cards fall. Also if they are looking at a run defending dt ( can get later) or pass rushing dt ( probably need today).
  8. Bruce pickens doesn't count in this thread , he was drafted in 1991
  9. Works for me. Yep whenever I do a mock draft there are loads of quality players in the 70 - 90 Part of the draft
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