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  1. Can you place my topic in around the nfl into TATF please

  2. The free safety in 2021 would have more upside if they didn't have past injury issues, like Cisco or Sterns. I have more confidence in drafting a variety of players in the ss position that play closer to the line of scrimmage like hufanga.
  3. Take another view on drafting pitts . If we don't and say for example Carolina does , ask yourself do atlanta have the people to defend against his brilliant red zone skills.
  4. I agree with the starting post. If you could trade down with Philli then someone like Denver or san fran and accumulate extra 2-5th round picks. Also the cheap rookie wages help the budget problems . I've even played around and done some mocks where I have no first round pick and received extra picks this year. Having multiple 2nd, 3rd or 4th round picks solves a lot of issues than one first rounder.
  5. Josh Palmer was decent at the senior bowl. He'd be a good late round pick
  6. He's not my preferred qb outside of the first. For me Kellen Mond in round four would be better value
  7. I don't wholly disagree with your point, however to expand mine ,are you comfortable with Kurt Benkert as the falcons backup in that 1.4% time on the field.
  8. Is Marlon definitely entering the draft?.I thought I read he was waiting for the estimation of how high he is projected to go. Tyson Campbell looks like a quality pick.
  9. If we trade out of four then use the extra second round pick we would get im fine with drafting him . You need a quality backup in case Mr Ryan gets injured.
  10. Good to hear the nfl has offered their stadiums as vaccination hubs.
  11. Curious on how you decide on what player is better than another. Do you go by film, stats, whether they would fit any falcons system, draft simulators ratings, any or all of above.
  12. Can someone post a list of the moderators, just curious how many there are
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