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  1. True... Ryan has done his part. I can't fault him. He has been by far the best QB ever in the falcons franchise.
  2. Keeping him might actually accomplish something.... after watching the way he has coach defense this season I'd be surprised if any team would give him a second chance.
  3. Koetter got jobbed when he took this one . 1 total offensive lineman on the roster that's Mack. The game has passed Keotter bye long ago.
  4. I have not seen so many empty seats since the Smiths owned the team.
  5. Do we really have to wait for the bye week come on AB give us loyal fans something to cheer about can DQ at halftime
  6. There were quality free agents out there this off season. But our money is tied up in Julio and Grady. It hurts as a falcons fan to see these great players waste their careers behind a garbage line besides Mack
  7. Why didn't Danny Dumbo call timeout as soon as the punter moved up ffs. That's grade school coaching rule #1 never get beat by a gadget.
  8. This is terrible. If they let quin on the plane home I will never purchase season tickets again.
  9. I just found out Freddie Falcon was tied with Vic Beasley for tackles, sacks and quarterback pressures today. Should we offer him 13 million?
  10. I was ready to see Quinn go after last year. Now I believe it's bigger than just him. We need a whole change in philosophy on defense. 1. Our defensive players are simply too small to compete and are constantly ran over. We need larger more physical linebackers. 2. We have 1 starting cornerback. 3. We need a punter and kicker. Matt's true range is only around 45 yards now and Boshers replacement after he went on IR should not have access to a Falcons uniform after his flight home. 4. Kickoff return needs to stand on the 10 yard line. If it goes over his head he should trot
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