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  1. Its comes down to wr and qb not being on the same page or the route concepts are just trash.
  2. agreed smith isnt anywheare near shanny or mcvay level. best we can hope for is a good offense but we wont be blowing the top off defenses with smith as head coach.
  3. i just wonderin if guys arent getting open, our offenslive line is doing a decent job for the most part, but ryan just isnt in sync with his recievers, is that due to noboy getting open or has he lost confidence in his arm?
  4. sorry but this was pitful, we haven't improved on offense aside from oline playing better.
  5. barf, i dont even care if we win this was completely pitiful
  6. mike mcdaniel and joe brady will be serious coaching canditates next season which one should we get?
  7. we will never be elite with this trash play calling im with AS
  8. im getting to that point where i really want to punch arthur smith
  9. oline is doing its job, its up to ASr to get our top playmakers the ball with space to make plays. its not rocket science
  10. play calling is trash trash trash, it makes koetter look like a top oc in the nfl
  11. why do know they were gonna call a run play? is arthur smith that predictable now?
  12. It clear offense is still trying to get in sync, and playing 2 of the best dlines isnt helping. We should see a better offensive game next sunday.
  13. "Get your effin act together and protect me, you big dumb hooligans!"
  14. when you tank you never know what you got. its better to play as best as you can and get improve on your weaknesses during the offseason
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