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  1. He might be the safe pick but if we are gonna draft a qb in this draft i want a guy with top 5 talent
  2. Noodle arm immobile akward realse . Barf reminds me of tebow throwing the ball barf
  3. Wilson plays the game so fluid he looks like a natural in there, fields looks like hes hes still learning how to play qb and is very slow with his release and progressions. Thats my opinion.
  4. Maybe it has to do with offense going 3 and out for 3 straight quarters and leaving defense out to dry
  5. Unless he starts underperforming he aint going anywhere. Wilson is one of those players that can put a team on his back and carry them to victory
  6. Hes raw but hes fast, hes got a quick release. Above average arm strength, and hes got quick feet. If he fixes his mechanics and foot work, he can be a monster. Only thing i dont like and its not a knock against him is his highlights are all passes to wide open reievers.
  7. Id take wilson or lance over fields. Lance is a bit more raw but hes got more potential imo
  8. Jets trade down with faclons, we take ,zach wilson oit of byu and proceed to win multiple superbowls.
  9. Boxing has turned into a niche sport, it will never be as big as it once was, but it will never die out, as alot of people like to say. Too many hardcore fans, who will never jump ship no matter what happens.
  10. Max kellerman isnt even a good boxing analyst and that supposed to be his specialty.
  11. Rope in modern slang terms means 💦💦💦 so i hope none.
  12. Its official we are going to trade up for wilson
  13. Matt ryans deep ball passes are mediocre at best, but good timing is what really matters, when offense is in sync matt ryans deep balls are top 5. But we all know how bad our offense has been since koetter took over
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