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  1. Me too, boxing and nfl football are a big part of my life
  2. this will make or break koetter, if he cant transition into a new type of offense then he doesnt belong in the nfl. great oc's adapt.
  3. well guys like wilson, rodgers, mahomes, brees, etc. dont grow on trees so youll be waiting awhile or forever...
  4. You can put antonio brown opposite of jullio and koetter will still manage to make this offense predictable.
  5. So players will be out there doing drills while wearing masks?
  6. im starting to think blank is the reason for coaches starting off good and then going downhill after, i just dont understand why dan quinn would bring in koetter. it seems soo out of left field for him.
  7. matt ryan is an elite qb, but like most elite qb's he needs a competent oc that will bring out the best in him. shanahan did it, sark was on his way to doing it, then arthur blank had to intervene and get koetter and his outdated scheme.
  8. Sports will be shutdown until mid 2021, unless theyre ok with having empty venues, stadiums, arenas, etc. Theres just no way we will able to get the infected #'s down low enough to have people packed inside of large buildings by the time nfl rolls around. And this virus spreads too easily to be wiped out without a vaccine. Just my thoughts
  9. Hes looks good but with our cluless OC, hed just try to run him up the middle and bench him when he doesnt produce. Same thing he did with ridley.
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