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  1. I remember when pete carrol said dan quinn had that "it" factor and was gonna be a great coach.
  2. this wholle team is playing like trash, only bright spot is rogdanovic. but hes basicly just playing hero ball. theres no chemistry in this team. i hope we get some play makers next season, and a new head coach.
  3. nah not after he requested a trade and went on air to tell the whole world he didnt wanna be her anymore. give it to the water boy or something
  4. this team has no gameplan, young has been figured out, guys cant knckdown open shots, stupid turnovers. i hope we hire a new coach after this season.
  5. You know deep down inside.tennessee was one of the last places he wanted to be. Lol!
  6. exactly embiid literally walked up right beside him as he was being helped up.
  7. that was the sassiest shove ive ever seen
  8. the was horrible but only ddown by 13. if they can calm down we can get bakc into this
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