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  1. I'd love for Wash to be our manager next season..When it comes time to look for another skipper all you have to do is turn your head over to third base and there's your man. Remember what Wash did with those Texas Ranger teams! Ohh yeah!!
  2. How appropriate come on Weeds!!!lol
  3. Man i am heartbroken to see the faces of Swanson and Acuna while the Cardinals celebrate on our field. I get tired of that crap man and the these vets don't do a **** thing about it. Stupid veterans waisting young talent..It happened a ton of times watching teams celebrate on our turf. The SF Giants did it a bunch of times to us...Bunch of clowns man
  4. I respect your loyalty and commitment as a fan brother, that deserves a ton of respect
  5. Weeds with a better postseason then FF!!!!LMAO
  6. How appropriate come on Weeds!!!lol
  7. We didn't just get beat in a close game, we got hammered in embarrassing fashion which is very disappointing to say the least. If this isn't enough for these guys in the future i don't know what is...They should all get this score tattooed on their collective ***** as a constant reminder for next season and the ones after that.
  8. So we get beat by a team that knows how to win in October with a rich history winning 11 World Series.Hopefully one day our Braves will grow up and learn from all this. Our veterans can go kick rocks, **** they seem to never learn.
  9. Hey guys i'm willing to bet that the Nationals knock out the Dodgers tonight to add insult to injury.
  10. I would love foe them to bring back Donaldson
  11. None at all for me, this has been a major league choke job by a team that was expected to be in the NLCS and possibly the World Series this year. The great thing is our Braves are still young with a ton of young bats and great young pitching..Need another Manager though, he pushed all the wrong buttons with this rotation pitching wise..He did get Duvall right and that's about it.
  12. Throw Adam Duvall in as well!!!
  13. True!! Hey at least there is a bright side to all this but man FF stock has diminished tremendously after this.
  14. This is going to be a long *** winter guys!! Really had high hopes for us this year but ohh well we are going to have to wait 162 games and then some for it to happen...On the bright side we have a young team with plenty of young pitching that can hopefully get us over the hump eventually... Hope they can keep Donaldson but FF can kiss my ***..Offseason moves would include getting rid of him, Bmac, and Markakis...Screw them bums..**** we can get any scrub players to bat 200 in the postseason when it really counts...To be honest i would have been happy with a NLCS loss to be honest, i just wanted them to take a step forward in the right direction.