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  1. That's game man!! Had the game down to 3pts and then they go full stupid!!
  2. Brembry is straight garbage man!!!
  3. James Harden is going to score 60+ again.
  4. I have to throw an unsportsmanlike penalty on the takedown by the ref on Freeman!lol
  5. When your getting your *** kicked the only last shred of dignity is a good ole fight to make that 1-5 record look a little bit better!!lol
  6. You know the only team that's won a championship in the city for the last 25 years!
  7. Just give the whole stadium to Atlanta United and send these bums back to high school somewhere in Iraq!lol
  8. At least United won yesterday guys!! Smdh
  9. I'd love for Wash to be our manager next season..When it comes time to look for another skipper all you have to do is turn your head over to third base and there's your man. Remember what Wash did with those Texas Ranger teams! Ohh yeah!!
  10. How appropriate come on Weeds!!!lol
  11. Man i am heartbroken to see the faces of Swanson and Acuna while the Cardinals celebrate on our field. I get tired of that crap man and the these vets don't do a **** thing about it. Stupid veterans waisting young talent..It happened a ton of times watching teams celebrate on our turf. The SF Giants did it a bunch of times to us...Bunch of clowns man
  12. I respect your loyalty and commitment as a fan brother, that deserves a ton of respect
  13. Weeds with a better postseason then FF!!!!LMAO
  14. How appropriate come on Weeds!!!lol