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  1. Disney ‘has’ to do a Vader movie of some sort don’t you think?
  2. The Juan by my work built them shade coverings with misting fans. I think I’d prefer seeing them out there in tents
  3. We basically have the party of dale gribble out here acting like the leaders of the govt can do know wrong and believe everything they say.
  4. A nice clear headed hybrid clears that up for me.
  5. Lol. I agree
  6. I don’t have the urge to upgrade when a new system get released. Up until recently my ps4 was a Blu-ray player until Disney+ obsoleted it with their star wars catalog. i don’t see the need to upgrade butt Xbox yet because forza has most of not all the cars I’m after anyway
  7. Also just wanna add that the open world aspect of forza horizon is just the bees knees. The racing is tedious but the money is needed to make your cars fast enough to be fun. I don’t go for bookoo power but I do let go of all controls when I kill someone in a head on collision or whatever. One time I ended up in the ocean. I think about that game more then I should.
  8. It’s crazy the experts are out to get trump an honest good fearing man. I’m to tears
  9. How pissed are the democratic corporate sponsors right now. Or does none of it matter cuz they’ll make their money regardless.
  10. Is the patriot cheating scandal bigger than the impeachment? I hope so. Comgratulations boomers you’re the generation that broke America. How long till the garbage avalanche? You think we will see it in our lifetime
  11. I believe all cops are pigs. They want cooperation when they workin a case but protect their own. Start practicing what you preach and maybe we’ll get somewhere on the pig front
  12. Apple bar b que bowl in Albuquerque.
  13. Got the most laughs out of me this season
  14. I told that to a 60 yr old xian conservative when he was trying to get me to go to his church. The abandoned part. And then I told him his religious beliefs are based on whatever corporate overlord is against what will benefit society.
  15. That chick usually don’t do nothing for me until she’s dressed as Wonder Woman. Got dam yo
  16. Forza horizon 4 definitely worth the Xbox purchase.
  17. My favorite Carlin quote is that the nazis lost world war 2 but the fascists won. right wing ideology right now is very close to fascism if not already there and their lemmings have no problem with it they’ve been trained and indoctrinated. and I think y’all know better than to engage woke on these types of subjects
  18. Corny
  19. Trump wouldn’t have lasted 6 mos if he were a dem president
  20. I get as close to 4 as possible. Chicken bones are some of the most unappetizing inconveniences of my favorite protein and then couple that with the occasional tendon or other weirdness that may stick to the drum. With a wing it’s worse those 2 bones? Yuck and then the places that leave the nubber on the end? **** you. So I get drums only at hooters naked with 911 sauce. Other places I get boneless especially if the place bakes their wings.
  21. I’m sure a boot licker will step in and offer this guy a job