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  1. The good ol unitary executive. Gotta love it
  2. You just need 1 and then you can start running up on middle aged white men who are generally slipping 24/7 in their truck and then you got more gunzz
  3. places brown line flag on rear windshield
  4. Next week it’ll be the fries?
  5. No I think they mostly join because of the village people song.
  6. Comrade @WhenFalconsWin May not be one of our best and brightest but when shizz pops off his wheel chair will be rolled out To the front lines and his sacrifice will be glorious
  7. Bought animal crossing the other day for the little girl and little lady and if there ever was a stoner game this would one of them. Kinda cool and mellow. Just sold a hermit crab for a thousand bells
  8. Comrade @WhenFalconsWin the bourgeois has a name and it’s @Optimus_Cr1m35. Together we will defeat this capitalist swine
  9. Comrade @WhenFalconsWin I agree with your rosy assessment but the only thing that will keep us on the road to victory is more socialism. Please help us implore the government to help pull the people out of the the hole capitalism has put us in by send out more checks!
  10. Just thought of that one
  11. Chefs slaughterhouse
  12. So what color is the line on the flag people are gonna put on the back of their vehicles gonna be? I think scrub green
  13. Corporate Jesus nods approvingly knowing it was the Jews all along
  14. I know someone with a bigger boat and guest house though. Gross Did you offer her a post workout mustache ride?