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  1. got this garbage today. just aboit choked on my lemon berry slush when i read it
  2. just bought metal gear five for the xbox for $6. had it for the ps4 and never finished it. lets see if its better
  3. xx give me budweiser style headaches both types. an ice cold coca cola is awesome anytime anywhere. do they got the mexican glass bottle cokes where youre at?
  4. you think ol donny t will start promoting therussian vaccines use?
  5. is tuggle still a thing ? also was all this rule back and forthing happening when they were voting folks out in tatf after 28-3?
  6. My 1/6th attack of the clones hot toy yoda is ready to ship! It’s been about a 2 year wait. I missed out on the first run. Hopefully they reissue the sith revenge of the sith anakin. Had that one in my cart and switch out for the Vader. Bad decision when looked back upon.
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