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  1. Or fat what’s his nuts or did Jessie kill hI’m I don’t member
  2. We need a Badger series
  3. Yeah feel the episodes are lit darkly to hide how old those fogeys are
  4. Is anybody a landscape phone holding monster?
  5. It’s losing me about half way through the episode just like the ventures bros does. I remember getting a good laugh right before butt attention span ran out of memory.
  6. Crazy. How many more seasons do you think they’ll have to light darkly.
  7. I think they’re trying too hard
  8. Is this show still filmed in Albuquerque? If so they do a way better job at hiding it.
  9. Especially that woke guy. Rooned is how butt ex says it. What a dumb *****. Isn’t Pam from archer from wiscansin
  10. What’s the significance of this
  11. Odd considering he right ALL THE TIME.
  12. Surprised to see the hearings still going on
  13. And they are karate masters
  14. Blue dream is an excellent work strain
  15. I’ve got such a raging clue right now. And it’s pointing over here