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  1. All the rhetoric is suppressing their turnout. I hope and if not all these laws they’re passing to suppress the vote will hipefully suppress their vote
  2. Such weird takes. I been at home with my 2 yr old since she was 9 mos old and I wish more men could witness as much as they could for as long as possible. It kind of gives a fresh outlook on life. Also we got a manufacturing engineer fresh out of college with a baby on the way who has saved enough to last through the whole allowable tim to be home with his family which also includes a 4 yr old girl. I couldn’t be prouder of the little homie.
  3. I saw that last night. 1. Didn’t know Spain and a king 2. didn’t know that could’ve been the king.
  4. Uno mas I think they got this from reading Delta’s posts
  5. Our oligarchs flexing on that *** The eyes of a man who’s done his own dirt.
  6. I just laughed at the dude. Reminded me of my sister in law who was hositpalized cuz she couldn’t breathe after her first dose. Bunch a weirds running around doing performative art.
  7. So word around the campfire is that a antivax coworker of mine got vaccinated had to be hospitalized because the vax caused his body to cramp so intensely he couldn’t walk
  8. Thanks to all the boomer greed for not investing in a better tomorrow that seems like it just arrived
  9. The only things that’s changed is the president. Our corporate overlords are still pulling the strings. Like I said it’s time to look past your spoon fed talking points and understand the problems you see are all caused by rampant capitalism funded by our fascist oligarchs.
  10. Delta (thanks) is there even a point to American life if these crucial parts of our economy arent paying a living wage and are muscled out by unemployment. If you can’t see past your spoon fed talking points you’re not much better than those you deride.
  11. If I hadn’t of just spent some money on Diablo 2 I’d probably get this, but with horizon 5 a few weeks away I’ll probably hold off on this. Also gotta figure a way to get a ps5 in February so I can get GT 7
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