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  1. We’re winning the war against al qaeda but we’re losing the war with al sharpton
  2. Not asking me but he’s a punk kid who had his mind warped by whatever right wing source he found and deserves to be made an example of by the judicial system
  3. Was in Vegas when prince died was actually leaving breakfast at Denny’s when the news broke.
  4. Is it cuz no one would call him T-bone Another player to showcase the cannon pulling the trigger
  5. Be less of the man. It’s a hard question to answer. You really can’t be friends because you may have to fire them someday. If I were you I’d turn in to The iron fist my boss just turned into when he ranked up this year.
  6. On a similar note I rarely agree with my good friend @SyCo but I would never think of ignoring his posts
  7. I think instead of looting stores we should start looking at looting select houses
  8. What’s Arsenal and why would anyone want to be a fan of said arsenal.
  9. On this 420 I have a hard time believing the person who wanted you to turn the other cheek also said if you don’t work you don’t eat.
  10. Just had a California burrito from filibertos and all seems right with the world.
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