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  1. What I got right meow is 23 and 27 percent. The 27 is my current favorite. It’s a nice idica with a saliva like after effect
  2. That mid night burner is almost enough the save it for the morning. Almost.
  3. Ima have to try this They’re awesome on brauts as swell. Local meat markets around here sell em with pickled jalapeños or green Chile stuffed in there with all the nonsense that goes into those.
  4. My uncle told me that Houston is the greatest city in the world also can confirm about the fine *** black women. Was 15 at the galleria with my uncle when I saw this beautiful beautiful girl who gave me nothing but a please look when I said what’s up but I had to get a closer look and you miss all the shots you don’t take. Reminds me that my boss sent a group email to our group saying to put in our time cuz the vpn is watching. I responded saying I thought it was always watching. I got no response.
  5. One of em smelt a fart or has to **** or is currently farting. Let’s go with that. She’s farting
  6. Just got done doing taxes and I’m getting back almost 50% over than what I was expecting.
  7. I just wanna say that I hate the fact the I can only post 3.6 kb sized pics and it’s all part of this anti cowboy agenda this place has shown since pp’s passing.
  8. Gross It’s a handle! What’d pig dog do to end up here? @The Great American
  9. It’s easy to distinguish who drank the olde English. Cuz it stay in my system til I drain it out my..... catastrophe
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