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  1. World👏🏽Class👏🏽Soccer👏🏽Stadium👏🏽
  2. Nice. Couple poster I have had bromances with over the years. I won’t post their names to keep their identities a secret to keep them from getting all the salt haters throw... who am I kidding @SyCo
  3. I’d probably be posting weird **** if I lived in an basement apartment too
  4. One of my favorite Carlin quotes is something like the nazis lost ww2 but the fascists won. I watched a documentary series called apocalypse about ww2 and when it gets to the end of the war they do state that the Russians got and started freeing concentration camps first. We just had better pr firms. it’s kind of along the lines of a choke artist being able to walk around with the nickname Ice but the same guy in Dallas got hammered for his chokes but they were basically the same dude
  5. Putting a dent in the bottle of hornitos. Make sure I’ll be
  6. I bet most of you wish you were asleep for the new tire 28-3 choke job
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