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  1. Could that be a symptom of the right wing bot and troll machine.
  2. Dodger fanzz here at work heart broken over the way the series has gone. Buncha old headz. Nice to see
  3. Is that the one with Jason Bourne? I wanna see it… As my boy Zed in Zombies said. “Baby steps is still movement. end quote Or PC Principal Wow. You’re forgetting the most important matchup of the night. I think they’ve dubbed it oreange fest and it’s gonna be on a number of platforms. Including but not limited to THE nfl network. If Dallas ever wins the super bowl I’ll….
  4. I get bored of games pretty quick as well (especially phone games) this one has stuck around longer than usual. I scratches that tecmo super bowl itch without having to set up my nes. Still have the cartridge I had as a kid
  5. Anybody try retrobowl? It’s a phone game but it’s a fun game to kill a few minutes with.
  6. Spoken in a strange dialect. Maybe Delta can help me decipher?
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