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  1. Just got done doing taxes and I’m getting back almost 50% over than what I was expecting.
  2. I just wanna say that I hate the fact the I can only post 3.6 kb sized pics and it’s all part of this anti cowboy agenda this place has shown since pp’s passing.
  3. Gross It’s a handle! What’d pig dog do to end up here? @The Great American
  4. It’s easy to distinguish who drank the olde English. Cuz it stay in my system til I drain it out my..... catastrophe
  5. Didn’t Jefferson swear in on a Quran or am I misremembering my history
  6. That 20 pack of Mexican coke bottles for $20 makes that hassle all worth it.
  7. We were in Vegas and leaving dinner as a group after my mil and fil had a major blowout on the way to the restaurant and out of nowhere someone yells what up Chewbacca ! And starts making the chewy sounds. It’s funny as **** but no ones laughing cuz of the fight we had to sit through. Long story short my chicks dad was wearing all brown. So he also has that going for him.
  8. My father in law resembles dr Steve brule. Only in facial features though the hair and glasses ain’t the same
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