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  1. Or maybe take that discount Arthur Blank asked for to bring in some more help for him.
  2. You're all over the place. I never mentioned OC's you did lol Rodgers is a leader and inspires his team. Ryan doesn't.
  3. Whose contracts were bigger those years on the date he signed his?
  4. What you should be asking is how he got a ring with 20th ranked defense when ryan couldn't even get a win against nick foles with a top ten defense that held them to 15 points. Because Rodgers isn't god. Where did I ever claim Rodgers never had losing seasons? LOL This is the first year that either of those teams have paid more on offense than we do and they're both better than us for it.
  5. Who is lying? Rodgers and Brees don't have Ryan's limitations. They don't struggle to read defenses, they don't need multiple 1st round receivers to succeed. They don't have excuse where other qbs have rings.
  6. Who was making more money than him when he signed those contracts? Nobody.
  7. Has there even been a qb that's been made the highest paid player in the league 3 times and never won a Super Bowl?
  8. All 3 of his contracts were the biggest in NFL history at the time.
  9. I wasn't the only one here who wanted Wilson either. There were a couple others.
  10. They don't need to change every few years. They are competent qbs without a list of limitations as long as ryan's.
  11. Maybe it's because Brees and Rodgers are worth their salary.
  12. I was banned for that post. Already looked for it, post is gone as well.
  13. Right. Instead of waiting a year for the rookie cap to come into effect (which everyone was well aware of) and build from the inside out in the meantime. They tried to win right away by drafting a noodle arm turnover machine. Big mistake. I said when we drafted him we'd never win a ring with him. His supporters told me we'd have multiple rings by now because ryan was the next peyton manning and dimitroff was a genius LOLOLOL
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