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  1. could make more tackles than our current defensive line. Can we make a trade for SOME sort of d-line. I mean 1 tackle a game shouldnt be too much to ask? Our current crew is doing nothing, Let's just start 7 LBs because the current group of d linemen are the worse I have ever seen, their stats HAVE to be some of the worse in NFL history. What do we have like 6 tackles in 6 games by our d-line? Worthless as boobs on a bull.
  2. I dont know why but I think that Washington game comes back to haunt us come play-off time. We had that one and let it slip away.
  3. Yep with Quinn we are 1-5 right now.
  4. Winning ugly but winning. This team seems to play up to the level of the competition they are playing, teams needs a sense of urgency. Same problems persist week to week, going to come back to haunt us as competition improves. Zaccheaus continues to make non NFL decisions that will end up costing us another game, D line continues to get no push at all making it tougher on secondary, O-line continues to flounder in creating holes for running game. Matt Ryan continues to throw behind receivers instead of hitting them in stride. This should be improving as season continues but this is getting worse. I dont know if Ryan's issues are becausee Ridley and Gage were out previous two weeks and THEIR timing was off but a lot of passes to them yesterday were BEHIND them. We are 3-3 due to coaching, 100%. Pees seems to be playing a keep everything in front of you defense, which is understandable considering our d-line is non existent. This Falcons roster is very very poor. If Arthur Smith makes a wild card with this poor talent he deserves coach of the year award. Falcons basically have no d-line and three NFL caliber o-linemen.
  5. Also Parker is out for Dolphins with shoulder injury, time to unload Zaccheaus and make room for Darby. Free up what cash we can so we can get a new Center.
  6. Eagles wanted to free up cash, they could have Hayden for more than half of what they were paying Ertz. The biggest question is if Arizona needed a TE why isnt Hurst out there now? How did we let Philly beat us on this trade? As soon as Arizona TE was injured we should have been ON THE PHONE. We dont need Hurst we need to be calling ALL TEAMS trying to trade this dude. As soon as a TE is hurt TF needs to be ON THE PHONE CALLING. GM 101.
  7. Goedert is on COVID list, only TE on roster for Eagles right now is Jack Stoll from Nebraska, Eagles need depth. Make the call. Ertz was on a 5 year/$42 mill Hayden is on a 4 year/$11 million. Big difference. Eagles could make this trade add depth and give us a late round pick and both teams walk away happy. Then we have needed cash to get us a NFL worthy Center. Falcon fans tired of playing for next year. Make the moves as the year is going on. This isnt fantasy league, one draft and you are done. The NFL roster is in constant motion, out with the trash and filling up the holes.
  8. Philly has been adding TEs to their practice squad for weeks, Goedert is their future they drafted him in 2nd round but someone like Hurst would give them depth and we have an abundance of TEs. Falcons need to dump Hurst contract so we can free up cash to go after a Center. Atlanta needs blocking TEs, Hurst is more of a pass catching TE and we already have that with Pitts. We need to trade Hurst while he still has value. Free's up needed cash.
  9. Eagles just traded TE Ertz to Arizona for a CB and a 5th round pick, meaning? Eagles are trying to improve their roster. You know what a good GM would be doing this morning? Calling Philly and gauging their interest in Hayden Hurst.
  10. Zaccheaus is tied for 3rd in the NFL for most dropped passes. He dropped two in the third quarter against the Jets. you can say it counted as something else, I know what I saw. One on a out pattern and one on a fly down the middle where he went up got his hands on it and couldnt tuck it. Not counting the two in the Washington game that would have put the game away. The dude is a liability and needs to go. Start Darby and move on. Z is not NFL caliber. Upgrade your talent, reps arent wasted, drives arent stalled and more games are won. Link provided below to show drops by receiver in the NFL from NBC Sports. Z again tied for 3rd, unacceptable. Especially considering the people above him on the list are getting way more targets weekly. Z is a WR3 or even WR4 but he has drops like a WR1. https://scores.nbcsports.com/fb/leaders.asp?type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=232
  11. Antwuan Woods would be immediate upgrade on our D-line, go to the roster on Atlanta Falcons page, go to depth chart and then click on d-linemen and look at total tackles! Most of our d-linemen are sitting at 2 for the year! This dude made 2 a game.
  12. PFF Football has him ranked 10th from the bottom of all NFL Centers currently based on this years stats and some of the people below him are not even starters. https://www.pff.com/nfl/grades/position/c I go by numbers not emotion becasue the numbers dont lie. Production dont lie. And this dude isnt producing, when I take out the three players that are back up below him I have a Center that is 7th from the bottom of all NFL Centers. That wont cut it. You can find better production by turning the wheel on the waiver wire.
  13. Nope, we dont even need to go there. These guys are has beens,
  14. We need to watch the waiver wire like a hawk and try and find some Centers to fly in and give them some reps, Hennessy is going to get Ryan hurt and his lack of execution is hurting our ability to run the football successfully. He is one of the worse Centers I have seen in football, so a upgrade off the waiver wire would probably be an upgrade to our o-line. He may be smart but he doesnt have the physical tools to perform. He is soft and his reaction time is too slow.
  15. Zaccheaus has like 8 dropped passes this year, and our o-line ranking would be WAY higher without Hennessy and his constant mistakes. Cant have this. One mistake ok, making the same mistake in multiple games is not.
  16. I would say Hayden is under a very tight microsscope. we just signed another TE to practice squad roster, so if he fumbles again the phone calls should start looking to trade him. Again, as I have been saying Falcons dont have the depth for players to work thru issues, we cant have any wasted downs or possessions on players making same mistakes, This is NFL, and like any other PROFESSIONAL career, whether it be acting, singing, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc... you get paid the big bucks to perform and produce. If you cant do this you need to go find another team to play for.
  17. Adrian Ealy was deleted off practice squad by Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday, 22 year old OT who played at Oklahoma. 6'6. That's a big dude. We need to fly him in and check him out. Again ALWAYS BE WORKING grinding, finding the best OL and DL in the league. Antwaun Woods DT from USC cut by Indy on Sunday averages 2 tackles a game throughout his career that is an upgrade from some of the people we have playing on out d-line right now. Fly him in. Constantly looking for players who maximize reps. No wasted downs. No dropped passes or whiffed blocks, Performance= Production= Playing Time. No emotion, just the numbers. You dont produce you get gone. The new Atlanta Falcons. Good old boy frat club days are over.
  18. AJT is one our few stars on the defensive side of the ball.
  19. I am not going to lie, I was actually going to put in this my original thread that I would start calling around for a trading partner for Hurst but didnt. But honestly if the fumbles keep happening you gotta let him roll on out the door. We are too thin to have players that are making same mistakes over and over. This is the NFL not minor league training team. It's one thing to make a mistake it;s another to make that same mistake over and over. Catch with your hands, tuck the ball, elbow tight. These are football 101 issues and shouldnt be happening at this level, not for the amount of money these guys are making. I dont want to hear about the pressure, thats what you get paid the big bucks for. Get better or GET GONE.
  20. NFL is mired in parody this year. Outside of Arizona, LA Rams, and Tampa the whole NFC is average at best. I dont buy the Cowboys, as I see a fade coming in big D. Falcons got a VERY easy schedule and can make a wildcard this year if we continue to improve and "clean up" mistake. Dolphins, Jags, Detroit, and New England are all in disarray, and the Aints arent what they used to be. I still feel that Washington games comes back and haunts us towards the end but maybe we buy a break with the 17 game schedule. Our biggest thing we need to focus on is TOP. The talent level is thin all across the NFC except fot the three teams mentioned, and with most teams putting most their bank on defense in the secondary, our ability to run the football and keep our thin defense off the field is super important. Playoffs? We beat the Dolphins, and take one from either the Saints or Panthers things will be looking good.
  21. Yea but at what point is enough enough? When do you pull the trigger and correct the problem. I mean Zaccheaus catches the ball in the third quarter, the drive continues and we go up 27-7 and basically put game away. Yea Zaccheaus MADE a catch at the end that continued a drive but you cant have back to back drops stallng drives in the third. AND Hennessy once again almost got Matt Ryan killed, and in a RUNNING offense if your center is soft it makes it harder to get rolling. When is enough enough. Keep in mind it was Jets talent too.
  22. My week always goes better with a Falcons win. That being said there were parts of yesterdays game where I really felt like I was watching the Washington game all over. Zaccheaus dropping multiple passes again, Hennessy getting absolutely ambushed and pushed around. And Special Teams giving up ANOTHER long run on a kick off. At least Falcons are showing some consistency for once, even if it is in their flaws. Zaccheaus actually made the catch of the game so I GUESS, maybe, he should continue to start on this roster but NO WAY should Hennessy be trotting out there every week, he is a major liability. And Falcons probably need to be on look out for a new Special Teams coach if they continue to make the same mistakes. If you do what you always do you get what you always get. So I just dont know how smart it is running out these same players when they are costing us possessions and points. The coach keeps talking about "cleaning it up" but if you have obvious deficiencies on your roster and coaching staff that is a TALENT issue. You cant really "clean up" lack of talent. Bright spots CP looks like a big time signing, AJT continues to impress, and Darby looks like he is as advertised! Let's keep rolling.
  23. I would rotate CP, Davis, and Gallman. Just like we are, like to see Gallman get a few more touches this week.
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