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  1. Rumor has it Shannahan went to Mac Jones pro day and didnt ask any questions or show any interest. Dude is setting everyone up. 49ers are taking Pitts. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2021-nfl-draft-some-view-mac-jones-to-49ers-as-a-lock-but-heres-why-it-doesnt-pass-smell-test/
  2. He-man was the end all be all in the day. BUt I forgot all about Shazam. Suiot Shazam could take out Thor. Leaving Superman to deal with Hulk. No contest. Pitts at 4 no brainer baby.
  3. DC was first Marvel copied DC. Just saying. Pitts aint a TE, he is a freak and the replacement for Julio when he hangs it up. Love the Hendrik Meme. Yo did you know Prince was huge hendrik fan?
  4. I have been sitting here for a while trying to determine if Superman's laser eyes would actually cut thru Vision or not. That is the wildcard I havent thought about. Either way Pitts is still the no brainer for our Birds. Love this new coach and GM and feel we got a championship coming soon. Like in next three years.
  5. Seriously, if Superman grabbed Hulk and flew him into space, how would he breath? No way Hulk beats Superman. Pitts at 4 no doubt, Also Tool Fear Inoculum best rock album in last 20 years. Rock on Garth.
  6. Just saying. Who does Marvel have that can beat Superman? No one. Cyborg vs Iron Man- Even fight. Captain America vs. Aquaman- even fight. Wonder Woman would kill Black Widow. Superman could take out Hulk and Thor by himself. Dont see how people even think Marvel would have a chance. Pitts should still be our pick at 4.
  7. Next Andrew Luck, and he can be had in 2nd round. Take Pitts or Sewell at 4, get the sleeper QB in later rounds. Let others fight over the hype.
  8. All those thinking you gotta draft a QB because you got the 4th pick are WRONG. See QB draft history below, lots and lots of good QBS drafted outside of first round. NFL is NOT a QB driven league it is a linemen driven league. http://www.drafthistory.com/index.php/positions/qb
  9. HAHAHA what was brady drafted 6th or 7th round?
  10. Yo. PITTS is the pick. End of discussion.
  11. There are always QBs, RB, OL, etc.. to draft. But how oftern does a 6'6, 240lb., 4.4= 40, freak fall in your lap. New England won Super Bowls becasue of a freak like Gronk. We need to draft the freak. Go get Pitts.
  12. I think Shannahan moved up to get Pitts not a QB. Just my opinion.
  13. Our pick needs to be Sewell, Pitts, or Parsons and in that order of availability. They are all high hit low risk picks at the 4 spot.
  14. The whole key to drafting successfully is lowering the risk in the players you take. Sewell is a low risk draft pick meaning he hits all the intangibles. Whereas as you get further down the list on QBs the questions arise and the risk increase. At 4 our pick should be solid. Yes some pan out some dont. But the days of reaching for players needs to stop for this franchise. Sewell is a legitimate top 5 pick. We need to run to the podium and get him on draft day. Let the loser franchises draft what may be, we need to draft low risk high hit players. No more Vic Beasley's or Tak's. Tired of this f
  15. If the Falcons take the 4th best QB at 4 then they are still drafting in PR mode. If they take Sewell then this proves that new front office is drafting to win hardware. Are we running things like a business finally or we still drafting like the circus? We shall see.
  16. Basically saying TD couldnt draft linemen. Which is why he is not here. Hopefully new GM shows us quickly he does. Sewell is a no brainer pick for a franchise in desperate need of QUALITY o-linemen. Here is a recap- Matthews is old, Lindstrom, McGary, and Hennessy- verdict is still out but they are looking more good than great. We just hired a RUN FIRST head coach. No brainer Sewell is the pick.
  17. If you have justify reasons why a player isnt playing then it's time to cut them. This is the NFL not high school. It's a business. Produce or be gone. You arent paid millions of dollars to be getting better. The average NFL career is 3 years. Be good or be gone. Successful front offices pull the trigger faster. Hopefully new regime will run it more like a business going forward.
  18. I think our failures on o-line have had more to do with the people evaluating the o-linemen being drafted. Sewell is clearly legit. It would be stupid for us to pass on him for a QB when there are lots of good QBs available deeper in this years draft in later rounds and also next year. (See Crum out of Kent State, QB coming out NEXT year). Ryan is serviceable for the next two years. We need better qualtiy on o-line, a LB, another CB, a S, and Edge rusher. We dont need to waste picks on QB, WR's, TE. RBs this year.
  19. I still like the idea of drafting Sewell and moving Jake to Guard. Then taking UT linemen in round 2 to continue to solidify line. A back like Mike Davis behind a solid line with WRs like Ridley, Julio, and Gage can do some damage and control the clock.
  20. QBs are a dime a dozen. Whenever someone says it is a QB driven league I know I am dealing with someone that doesnt know what they are talking about. Put Brady behind San Diego's line and see if he is still the GOAT. Your o-line IS your team in the NFL. Five highest paid players on your team should be your o-line. NFL owners should have figured this out when Eli Manning / Trent Dilfer/ Joe Flacco won multiple Super Bowls. You can have a average QB and win hardware with the right o-line.
  21. The numbers dont lie. Those with the best lines play for the hardware those without stay home. See final rankings for o-lines for NFL 2020. All top teams in ranking make play-offs except 49ers and Patriots. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-final-2020-offensive-line-rankings
  22. The Falcons have a QB, good WR, TEs, 1 good CB, a good d-linemen, and 1 good lb. Take Sewell Need O-line for Arthurs offense to work.
  23. Yes. Move Matthews to guard and take Sewell.
  24. Thank you for doing this so we can try and win. At the end of the day no one will remember how much money you made but rather the rings on your fingers. Stay classy Atlanta.
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