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  1. Again, more comparisons of Lawrence to Tannehill: https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Draft-Scouting-Reports/Scouting-Report-Trevor-Lawrence.asp
  2. Here are more comparisons, more and more you see Lawrence falling into the Tannehill comparison: https://www.complex.com/sports/nfl-draft-2021-worst-case-comparisons/justin-fields
  3. https://thesportsdrop.com/articles/best-qbs-in-the-2021-nfl-draft-class-aside-from-trevor-lawrence/6/
  4. Wilson has mobility and strong arm. He should go number 1 in my opinion but Lawrence and Fields played for bigger schools so they will go ahead of him which is good for us. I think a good compable for Wilson is Baker Mayfield. I agree with scouts that say Trevor Lawrence is a Ryan Tannehill type QB and I think Fields is similar to a Dak Prescott.
  5. Also the Jags OC is Darrell Bevel who spent 2011-2017 working with Russell Wilson. So again, Jags will go dual threat. Bevells scouting Russell Wilson and was responsible for him coming to Seattle. Dont think it is too far fetched that he does the same with Fields.
  6. Meyer's whole offense is predicated on Zone Read option. Quarterback Power, Speed Sweep etc...Urban Meyer's whole offense requires a dual threat QB. No way he takes Lawrence. Mark it. Fields is his dude. Lawrence would flounder in Meyer's offense. While Clemson ran some Zone Read, Lawrence is stronger on throwing receivers open, short passes, deep ball and Lawrence is more of a fit in a West Coast offense. Lawrence doesnt fit Meyer's offense at all. Lawrence fits better in a vertical offense which is not what Meyer's runs.
  7. Go back and look how much Urban Meyer loves Fields and his comments two years ago how he thought Fields was better than Lawrence. You can take it to the bank. Fields goes first Lawrence 2nd. Leaving Falcons staring at Zach Wilson or OL Sewell.
  8. This draft has some good QBs in it. Deep draft for QBs. No one is even talking about Kyle Trask.
  9. I always thought Joe Theismann would have been good in Good Fellows.
  10. No I didnt hear that one. I am hoping we have better results this year with our new coach. i think we will, but Chargers got a running game and still didnt do well. Even had Bosa on D Line, Chargers and Falcons are like same franchise. just snake bit.
  11. Look yall. I think where we are as a franchise is basically like how San Diego was in last years draft. We have Matt Ryan they had Philip Rivers, They kept holding on to a good QB hoping he would get them over the hump but finally chose to cut bait and build for the future. I see so many similarities between Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers it is uncanny. And even when I look at the Chargers records it is almost identical to ours over the last 10 years. 4 good years and then YEARS of mediocracy. I am not saying we should draft a QB this year but it is just erie the similarities. Look at Chargers
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