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  1. I think on UGA pro day the Falcons didnt even have scouts present. Maybe they will have someone there this year. I have to imagine they will with the best non-QB player in the draft (Andrew Thomas) coming out of UGA. And if LeCounte comes out we definately need to be there. LeCounte is a better Safety than Delpit and he will be available when we pick 37.
  2. Old Pappy- my skids are a little darker
  3. 49ers threw 51 up on the Panthers so you would imagine running the football would definately be the way to go however the next week they played the Run Happy Titans and won 30-20. We just need to man up everyone needs to do their job. Lock McCaffrey down and make them beat you with the pass.
  4. Thank you sir may I have another.
  5. I am not debating that, and I nowhere in the article said my stance on this one way or the other, I brought up both sides and supported it with facts of how other successful organizations have tenured coaches, I even put McCarthy in there. I even stated maybe we should give Q some time and brought up the points about other coaches have rough patches. I am just saying in my opinion I would like to see some consistancy. The breakdown of the current coaching staff and scouts was when someone said for me to give an example of Atlanta bringing in Retread coaches and GM thus I did that. So people say facts arent stated but literally facts are stated throughtout the thread.
  6. Seriously? Come on. Am I the whipping boy today? I just found this article last night thought it was interesting read and now I get the beat down. Come on man. You dudes are brutal on new folks.
  7. NO way we would get Garrett right now.
  8. Apparently Ergo posted same article a week ago. Was it deemed click bait? I guess CBS Sportsline articles are now Fake News. I guess I need to go back and state in my opinion. Even though that's what they whole CBS Article is.
  9. Geneaut- there you go with the old "Falcon for Life" lingo again. If you do what you always do you get what you always get. Empty trophy cases. Seems like we would have learned that by now. Another 4 year rebuild starting soon.
  10. In my opinion, McKay cant close, he cant get it done. Blank cant fire his friends and that is why his trophy case is empty. Maybe he will at least hire Ed Dodds so he can finally have a GM that can evaluate linemen.
  11. D-Led is terrible, I cant believe they Falcons organization still lets him in the building.
  12. 3 NFC Championship games in 20 years is not every few years. And how many Lombardis McKay won Atlanta?
  13. Anyone else find it odd that this article comes out November 3rd. The week of the Falcons bye week when Blank sat down with McKay and Webster? And suddenly you got CBS Sportline writting article about McCarthy putting a coaching staff together that a NFL Team with a Veteran QB making big money wants to hire McCarthy to try and keep a window of competitive football?
  14. Genaut- If mcKay stays then nothing will change, he will just undermine the next coach the way he has the last three. Reason why Gruden ran him out of town.
  15. Kotter- Fired from Tampa Bay RETREAD Raheem- Fired from Tampa Bay RETREAD Rich McKay GM- Fired by Gruden RETREAD Rustin Webster National Scout- Old Titans GM that was Fired by Tennessee RETREAD Steve Sabo head of Atlanta Falcons Scouting- Fired by Cleveland RETREAD Phil Emry National Scout- Old Bears GM that was FIRED by Chicago- RETREAD Thomas Dimitroff- NO GM EXPERIENCE- Hired to be Rich McKay's do boy. Mike Mularky- Old Titans coach, FIRED BY Tennesee RETREAD Greg Knapp- Fired by Denver and Oakland RETREAD THIS IS OUR CURRENT COACHING STAFF AND FRONT OFFICE RETREAD CENTRAL. PICKING UP IN MY OPINION THE TRASH OTHER NFL TEAMS DONT WANT.