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  1. Front office on down, we need some changes. We are getting to be a very stale and boring product. Does ownership care? Come on! We are going on our 6th losing season in 10 years. What are we doing to correct this? Get active show some movement. We are just laying there like a beached whale drying out in the sun.
  2. We knew Takk was hurt when we drafted him. Classic McKay draft pick. Drafting like and expansion team. Walmart shopping with $1 million bucks. Got the money for good players but reaching for bad ones. Falcons need front office make over no doubt.
  3. First off I dont like DK, never have, but it wasnt the offense that blew leads aghainst Dallas, Detroit, and Chicago, so..........................................................
  4. I'm grateful we are not as bad a franchise as Cleveland or Detroit.
  5. The dude is 42. He is a great coach. He coached the Dallas Cowboys o-line under Garrett which was solid and he has turned a young Giants o-line into a solid group. The Giants have rushed for 150 yards a game the last three games. With Mack and Matthews on their way out we need a good o-line coach to coach some of the younger dudes we will be bringing in. Hire this dude. He is firey and passionate and will get Falcons the mean and nasty offensive line we need.
  6. Dude coached Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, Dak Prescott, and now Trask. He won at Miss State. Think he could do some damage in NFL. Kliff Kingsbury showing NCAA coaches can succeed at NFL level. Read about his offense:
  7. Good kid, great athlete, available late first round:
  8. Raheem worked under Tomlin, I like Raheem as coach, let's see what he does after the bye when the schedule is not so soft. If he get Falcons to 9-7 then I say he has earned the job for next year.
  9. Non sense like this is why EVERYONE in the room on the day they drafted Takk should have been FIRED. McKay, Scouts, Janitor, EVRYONE!!!! Worse pick in Falcons history.
  10. McKay was in the room when this dude was drafted. Whole Falcons front office gotta go for drafting this turd. He is worse than Aundrey Bruce or Jamaal Anderson.
  11. Yet this is who Falcons use as color analyst and person that tells you on air what teams should be doing. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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