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  1. This is togh thread to answer. Probably the toghest ever.
  2. John Rade at linebacker and Scott Case at Safety to bring the pain. Steve Broussard at running back.
  3. This will be the year the Falcons go to the Super Bowl and win and we as fans wont be able to go. Typical Atlanta Falcons luck. Super Bowl is in Tampa too.
  4. We will win first game against Seattle- 1 Split with TB- 1 Split with NO- 1 Sweep Carolina- 2 Beat Green Bay- 1 Beat Detroit- 1 Beat Chicago- 1 Beat Denver- 1 Beat Raiders-1 Beat Chargers- 1 Seattle has no o-line, TB is overrated, Carolina, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, Raiders and Chargers are all terrible. The NFL scheduling committee gave us a play-off schedule. We need to take advantage of it. 7 of our games are cakewalks. We will beat Green Bay because I predict a Discount Double Check melt down this year in Title Town.
  5. Goob- My wife has breast cancer in 2014. She did the double masectamy. She is cancer free now. Prayers out to you.
  6. I like this draft, I think it is a solid draft. The only pick I question is Mykal Walker, and that really is because I don't know who he is, I don't watch much Fresno State football. Terrell, Davidson, Hennessey all appear solid. Safety from Cal looks like a hard hitting thumper, and the punter is well a punter. So I give this draft a B to B+, A solid draft.
  7. A lot of jobs are being banked on Takk having a good year and being the real deal. Let's hope with Davidson (which was a great pick) and Jarrett in there, Takk and Fowler are freed up to do their things. Would be nice to see Takk pan out. I am more concerned about LB. I hope this kid from Fresno State is the real deal.
  8. Nevermind this article on CBS Sportsline was about things Teams SHOULD DO not have done. So Jamal Adams is still available for trade. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ten-moves-nfl-teams-should-make-after-the-2020-draft-including-five-big-name-trades/
  9. I think the Cowboys have signed Jamal Adams
  10. How does Mel Kiper still have a job? He is terrible.
  11. Davidson is a clone of Jarrett, so that should answer your weight questions.
  12. As a 40+ year season ticket holder you learn to taper your expectations. You know you are old as dirt when you can start seeing the same players being drafted with different names and know the same results are coming. I think AJ Terrell was solid pick but the rest of the picks are just repeats of players we already had. Nothing special. Falcons are set to win 8 to 10 now with current roster. Watch and see.
  13. Man you are crazy, this is a 8 to 9 win team easy next year. Wild Card at least. You cant really DEMAND anything. Not that kind of pressure from ownership to win hardware. You act like Blank is Jerry Jones or Al Davis. You need to realize Blank likes McKay and TD and is happy with 8 to 10 so why shouldn't we as fans be? Works for the Braves. Everyone likes being a consistant first round play-off team. I'd rather be good all the time than great every now and then right?
  14. I think Terrell was a great pick. Like I said, I think with TD and McKay you get 8 to 10 wins a year depending upon injury so why is everyone so upset? Yea you might not get the hardware because they don't take enough chances with personnel but they do put you in position mostly every year to maybe be in the running for at least the play-offs. Falcons are like the Braves 1st tier play-off teams and who knows every now and then something special may happen. Unlike Dolpins, Bengals, Browns, Cinn, where you know aint noting going to happen.
  15. Huh? 8 to 10 wins a year would make any Cleveland Brown, Detroit Lion, Buffalo Bill, NY Jet, Cinn Bengal, Miami Dolphin, etc fan happy I mean for Falcon fans to expect more is just foolish. We drafted good players who are going to set up up for another 8 to 10 win year, why are people so upset?
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