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  1. Again Moss was not physically done as WR but the Patriots got him on the cheap which was point I was trying to make. Yes, you are right Moss had plenty left in the tank when the Pats got him, but again, the Pats got him CHEAP. The Pats dont pay for WRs.
  2. Falcons will make trade take Jimmy G, try and trade him and if he cant be traded cut him. They will be left with a 2nd round pick and a LB and whatever they can get for Jimmy G.
  3. Bro, come on man, Moss was about to quit football when he was with Raiders. Patriots got Moss on the Walmart discount and they are not about to unload the bank on a 32 year old receiver with screws in his feet who doesnt practice or play a full season.
  4. Falcons arent taking Jimmy G becasue they want him they are taking him becasue he makes deal work. Salary to free up dead cap so we can sign our rokkies and get a 2nd round pick out of the deal. Falcons backs are against the wall. Julios contract was a bad on so many levels.
  5. BB got Moss for cheap on the downside of his career. The Patriots put their cash in OL and DL and this is why they have so many championships. Teams that pay WRs big bank dont win jack. See Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, etc.......Cheifs WRs are mediocre at best.
  6. Backs against the wall. we got rookies to sign. Take what we can and move on. These BS reports that Falcons are getting a 1st are not telling the truth, the Falcons get a first if they pick up Julios salary and that accomplishes nothing. The Jimmy G swap a roo helps 49ers and Falcons get where they need to go.
  7. Titans wont get him becasue that is where our coach came from and Patriots wont spend that much for a WR with screws in is feet. BB has never invested heavily in WRs. He is going to San Fran. Patriots may have offered a 1st but they probably wanted us to pay Julios salary which would be stupid. Best trade is to send him out West and take 49ers F up in Jimmy G and wash it out in two years.
  8. JImmy Gs base salary is $10 million more than Julio but his dead cap is$20 million less. So basically the 49ers trade Jimmy G to avoid base salary and we take him to avoid Dead Cap. One bad contract for another. and in exchange we get a 2nd round pick and a LB. Watch and see.
  9. 49ers will pick up Jimmy G money and Falcons will pick up Julio money to move two pieces both franchises gotta move.
  10. Falcons will take a future 2nd Jimmy G and a LB.
  11. If he goes AFC it will be Titans obviously. It will be 49ers or Titans. Patriots wont make the deal.
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