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  1. 10-4 roger that ghost rider.
  2. Dude what are you talking about? Facts about India and Indonesia population, Facts about the demand going up, facts about the number of cases right off John Hopkins web site. Where is the misinformation? I changed my first post and then posted nothing but facts and you come back with this!?! Come on man, you trolling me?
  3. No I get that. And didn't want anyone to take it wrong way. It's cool. But it is a fact that they are fighting over Tumeric in India and Indonesia. It is a fact that India is 4 times the size of America in population and only has 933 cases as of this morning. Indonesia is almost same size as America in terms of population. 1137 cases as of this morning. How about I just leave this article out here.
  4. Thanks Vandy, unbelieveable you try and help and you get responses like that.
  6. Two things, With all the kids at home I don't know why we don't have them making these and mailing these to local Hospitals. Got my peeps on it helping the cause:
  7. Akeem Davis-Gaither. The steal of this years draft:
  8. @ATLSlobber Loving the MegaDeath
  9. Dude is a player. DT or LB round 1 Winfield round 2 and LB from App State round 3
  10. Yep this dude was Big Ten DB of the year. Needs to be wearing Falcons Red and black.
  11. What round you got this dude going? I would love to see him in a Falcons uniform. Will he make it to us in the third?
  12. Drop off between Chaisson and Simmons is it that great? Just asking. I don't think so.
  13. 1. Packers vs Bear 2. Raiders vs Chargers 3. Cowboys vs Giants 4. Miami vs New England 5. Atlanta vs New Orleans 6. Miami vs NY Jets 7. San Fran vs Packers 8. Dallas vs. San Fran 9. Pitts vs Baltimore 10. Tenn vs Houston Real football rivalries. People get killed in Oakland/San Diego games what yall talking about. At least in Atlanta/New Orleans game we all drink together after the fight, like fighting your brother.
  14. FALSE
  15. No I am not