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  1. did you all see the way joe burrows got out of the way to heave the ball 60 yards down the field, that's what you need falcons, if we got a chance at joe borrows, please pull the lever.
  2. if only matt had this if only matt had that , well what happened when we played Philadelphia in the championship game, did the defense play good enough to win?
  3. even in ryans prime I felt like he had too many 3 and outs, there ws times in crucial games especially the playoffs where the defense would make a good stop but ryan would give the ball right back, the elite QB's would at least be on the field for 2 or 3 series, there were sometimes ryan had 3 multiple 3 & outs, killing momentum
  4. when I watched that game against the saints when we rushed for at least 88 yrds. something clicked mmaybe we could win with ryan if we just made him a game manager( but we would have to establish a run game) therefore taking the pressure off of him, but is this not why he is the highest paid player on the team,schaub could give us what matt ryan is giving us right now,if not more.i say if a team has the google eyes for ryan, lets get a couple of 1st& 2nd rounders for him. New orleans is already ahead of us, when breese hangs up his cleats thaey already have a QB waiting in the wings,starting over is always going to be a painful process, you might as well start it now, todays QB has to have the arm of a cannon & has to be able to get out of the way and at least be able to sprint 5 yrds. for a crucial 1st down.this is where the NFL is headed,if we cant win it all at least we could put a product on the field that's exciting to watch.
  5. at this point in matt ryans career, Schaub can give us what matt ryan is giving us right now, I say trade matt ryan so his fans can see if he could win a superbowl, what do we have to loose, if we are going to get similar output
  6. well on a superbowl run you are going to have some lucky bounces just got to capatalise off of your oppertunties
  7. rating and stats never tell the whole story bottom line is an mvp quarterback finds a way to win that superbowl especially, either you have the mentality to get it done or you don't, either you take advantage when oppertunites presents itself or keeping making excuses.we should have seen 3 superbowls in ryan era.but he has failed to slay the fatted calf tied up for him on the alter.
  8. only problem is when flocco got on the big stage , flacco had the arm strength to throw the balls threw tight windows, keep third downs going and made throws in that superbowl that matt ryan could only throw in his wett dreams, now we were supposed to be playing flacco in that superbowl but matt ryan was left pissing in his pants on the 2 yard line.
  9. well **** if the QB is eventually is going to be your highest paid player on the team, he might as well be dam near the best athalete on the team,should have an arm that can put a dent in the garbage can & should have the legs to sprint for a five yard first down.
  10. the defense also gave ryan 7 points
  11. they really nutted on the top of that draft, when they missed out on wilkerson, I couldn't be mad at them for going after the so called best guard in the draft but you give up 2 draft picks to get a tackle b/c he is supposedto be tough, you had plenty of strong tough texas linemen at the end of that draft, we could have really solidified our defensive debt with those picks.
  12. why does matt always have problems scoring from the 2 yard line?
  13. well we are seeing the benefits of a QB with platapuss feet
  14. im pretty sure lamar would not have gotten sacked 9 times
  15. it took year 2 before ryan started learning how to throw roll out passes which was essential in shanahans offense, b/c god knows unles ryans feet are planted, his balls flutter like a battery operated model airplane