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  1. just think we had a chance to pick up a roadgrader in bradberry but we chose the supposedly smart one
  2. yea ryan had pressure to deal with but they wasnt all jail breaks he had the ball in his hands at least 5 seconds.todays qb buys time on some of those plays.on guy breaks up the middle and we reduced t o curdling up & taking a sack.there is no such thing as always having a perfect pocket in the nfl anymore. also it look like our receievers werent open or NO was just sitting on all the shourt routes b/c we definitely cant throw down the field or our playbook is just too vanilla. it still was unacceptable to be outplayed like that by saints backup qb & not score a touchdown.Mat
  3. man i understand ryan fans,they are like a person thatrefuses to take his dog to the pound so it could be put down to take it out of misery.falcon fans, its time.let hime go
  4. we are not winning it all in this age of football with a statue of liberty platapus foot QB.look at how rusell wilson practacally stole a victory from the vikings
  5. you right about that, we had plenty of chances to put ryan in incentive laden contracts but instead put anchor chains around our necks by giving him elite money
  6. look for our next QB & trade julio for all its worth, last year people would put you in a strait jacket and curse you out for saying that.but this game & 0-5 start should seal this suggestion.
  7. we had plenty of chances to sign matt to incintive laden contracts but instead we continued to tie the anchor chains around our necks. now we cant get rid of him if we wanted to.
  8. well the very reason we hired dirk was b/c matt was familiar with him, the very reason we went all in on offense is b/c we thought matt could get us 30 a game.now you have a QB with platapus feet & a check down stat stuffer b/c he cant throw down field through tight windows.
  9. i havent heard the guy we drafted from aurburn name at all
  10. jeez if matt only had a defense with 3 lorence taylors if only matt had 5 o linemen built like the incredible hulk. if only matt could extend plays and connect on wide open receievers & maybe 2 first downs instead of multiple 3& outs for 100 million dollars.we cant keep this guy around until he is 40.
  11. the defense practically stole 2 td from the bears
  12. dairy queen needs to be given an f-150 longbead truck to ride out on with office equipment & staff
  13. this city is just cursed, we always lose on the national stage, not winning when it counts.what is it?being the heart of the confederacy.keeping the carvings on the side of stone mountain.we will be known as just a bunch of plaid shirt wearing, grit eating, waffle house goers.we cant win when a victory is given to us. players will not sacrafice there bodies for a team like this. this game will be rubbed in our faces all week. sports stars in other generes are already tweeting about it.i know it will probably be game of the week
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