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  1. https://www.dailycal.org/2020/04/22/jaylinn-hawkins-has-potential-to-be-nfl-draft-steal/
  2. For the Pats, the 1993 jerseys were better than 1994 IMO. Block numbers and no shadow (how all 32 teams should be IMO), and of course no giant hideous logo on top of the sleeves. Apparently people complained the red on blue was too hard to read, but IMO it's no big deal. Precursor to today's Color Rush, ahead of their time.
  3. Jets need to change theirs as well. Nothing wrong with the old ones.
  4. Block numbers>>>>>>>> IMO everyone should be required to wear them. But, I guess that would make it the "No Fun League" even more.
  5. This, and he looks to be VERY raw. A project player, not an instant impact plug-and-play type. Does not make sense for a HC/GM who are literally fighting for their jobs. All-in year = get guys who can help day 1. I see MIA and NYJ (a few years away from contention) as good suiters.
  6. Agree. Like to see them win the West, should be a fun team to watch. The WR position is just fine: Hopkins, Fitz, Kirk (criminally underrated, loved him at A&M), Isabella (also underrated) is a solid core. Defense (and I think OL) should be the focus.
  7. More than I thought. Personally, I think he’s best as a 4-3 SAM linebacker, a la Campbell. He’s not a real, pass rusher IMO, and more of an off the ball type. In the draft, I think Zach Bain is a similar player and should be utilized accordingly.
  8. Def gonna be CB. Not opposed to getting Floyd on a 1 yr/$6 M prove-it deal, to replace Campbell. Can still free more room by cutting Bailey, and then extend Mack to lower his cap hit, and post-6/1 cut Carpenter.
  9. As for his age, he played MiLB between HS and NCAA for three years. No injuries there, and he wasn't a catcher, so less wear and tear on his legs and body as a whole. I bet he still plays at a great level through his mid 30's.
  10. Let go of? Former first round pick, with great athleticism? Someone would have traded for him in that scenario. For the billionth time, he was buried on the depth chart due to two other, entrenched TE. Bet you Hooper, Boyle (one of the TE that blocked him in BAL), and many others get tackled short of the goal line here:
  11. Sounds like teams such as GB and WAS (maybe one or two others, like NE?) really want him, tag and get a 2nd for him.
  12. Saw this coming. Sambrailo and Bailey are probably next, and maybe Stocker too. Could this possibly open the door for a tag-and-trade of Hooper?
  13. Not a believer in the ____ is (position)-U, but Bama RBs are on such a HUGE roll lately. Henry, Ingraham, Jacobs (played a big role in me winning my fantasy league too).
  14. ^Yeah, edited it out b/c I saw it was mentioned in the OP, but hard to confirm. Thanks for the stats!
  15. Second in FBS this year (behind Chase Young) in generating QB pressures from the EDGE. Great prospect!
  16. For LB, how about Bachie (Mich State) in the 4th or so? The suspension hurt his draft stock, but he was great from what I saw.
  17. This. Bad OC/HC but GREAT OL coach. Coaches his guys into perennial pro bowlers
  18. I'ma say the one who's getting better is Takk. Much better in QB pressures/hits/hurries, despite less playing time (and an injury). Not all sacks. Pair Grady with another stud in the middle (D Brown if available in the 1st), that'll help collapse the pocket and help Takk finish plays. Sacks aren't everything, 98>44, and PFF agrees.
  19. Kyle Shanahan lost both games. Ryan Allen won both games.
  20. Should be 5, 10 yards MAX (not 15), and NOT an automatic 1st down (only a 1st if the yardage is enough).
  21. Warming up to Derrick Brown (likely gonna fall out of his range aren't we), then Weaver in the second. Brown can collapse the pocket with Grady, and can help the DE in general finish plays by taking away the QB's option to step forward.The Pats/Sanu pick can be used on a Jaylon Johnson/CJ Henderson (if he falls) for CB, I'm of the belief that a strong DL/pass rush helps improve the secondary by pressuring the QB. Agree 100%. Okudah is nice but the focus needs to be on the DL. BPA/depth in the next rounds, also try to look for the next mid-round steal at RB and some good DB's with upsid
  22. I hate Payton, and can't believe I'm defending that stupid scumbag, BUT..... Even during his stretch of 4/5 seasons of 7-9 football (yes, I count 2012, it was TOTALLY his, still had the same players and the rest of his people on the staff), the offense never went away. He is an offensive-minded coach, Brees was always putting up great numbers. The fact that their defenses were weak was a large part of their lack of success. Payton did his job, but the defense didn't. Now Quinn? He's supposed to be a defensive guy, but the defenses under him haven't been good. He needs to go.
  23. If we go on a Super Bowl run, then yes. Activate him for one game so he becomes eligible for a ring. Sadly, father time is undefeated and I'm afraid he (and his buddy Vinatieri) are both finished. Last players from NFL Europe, last players who entered the league in the 1990's (Bryant was an UDFA in 1999, but did not see his first NFL action until 2001). End of an era in many ways.
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