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  1. Why did this game have to be while Russ is out.
  2. Very top-heavy. Packers, Rams, and Bucs are legit. I think the Cowboys are frauds (I really do) and the Cardinals will flame out in the second half.
  3. Stupid to take that sack. Just try to throw it away
  4. As an Astros fan myself, good luck to y'all. Unlike the Dodgers (obvious reasons) and Nats (mostly Juan Soto), I actually like most of the guys on your team. I really have nothing negative to say, I am impressed with how the Braves have been playing since the deadline. Thank you for taking out the superteam Dodgers, can't stand that fanbase. Really excited for this series, it'll be a great one.
  5. Winovich from NE appears to be in the dog house but I've liked what he's done when given the chance to play. He can probably be had for a late round pick. I think he's worth a flier.
  6. I know there are better choices but I went with Foye- The timing of his interception (right after a turnover of our own) was huge- they had momentum and then he snatched it right back- and set us up in good position.
  7. This. Also, Allen has the advantage of already having chemistry with Koo on kicks.
  8. Still has a long way to go before matching his 2017 luck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12CTLi8pmlQ&t=17s
  9. Still a FA. And spent time with Arthur last year in Tennessee. No idea why he hasn't stuck on someone's team as a regular punter, since leaving New England he's only been called on to fill in for injuries and always punts great.
  10. No idea why they didn't just keep Ryan Allen. How did he go from a great SB performance for the Pats against the Rams, to barely a fringe player? Played great during the second half of 2019.
  11. I like that. And Nate Landman in Rd 2 to succeed Foye. As an Aggie he really wrecked havoc against us yesterday and will be a stud in the NFL.
  12. They should participate in "The Match" together. Kinda have a hard time seeing it as neither would draw quite the ratings as the guys previously featured but why not?
  13. Tanner Muse was waived. Worth a look? Ran a 4.41, playmaker at Clemson, and former teammates with AJ Terrell.
  14. #75 just sealed his fate as a cut. Can't let a 3rd string safety do that to you. EVER.
  15. Another thing significant about that 2019 Week 17 Game vs Tampa- In addition to Jameis clinching a 30-30 season, the game going into OT also preserved Debo's streak of at least one pick in every season. Until that point he didn't have any, and he would have had none had that game not gone into OT.
  16. Yes. There is a salary forfeiture clause built into all NFL contracts for situations like this one.
  17. He was set to make $1.25M. Due to the Top 51 rule, however, it's only $470K in true space added.
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