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  1. Can Ryan Allen throw? 4th and 2. Falcons bring out the FG unit. And, and a fake! Allen throws to his left and he has Koo for a first down to extend the drive! (Really hope Allen is okay, love him and despite the one bad punt he has a great leg). Out of practice today but hopefully just a precaution/rest.
  2. We ended up with a Soft Taco. And cut him for nothing. He's just as bad in terms of being a headcase. Also on our board was.... Charles Harris. Same thing. Man, that 2017 DE draft class. Harris. Charlton. Takk. Jurrasic Myles was as advertised but after him. Just wow. Solomon Thomas was taken at #3. Has potential to turn things back around, but he's getting lost in the stacked DL, and hasn't shown much. He's also started only once out of 9 games. TJ Watt is a beast, but he's clearly a 3-4 EDGE and not a 4-3 DE. Still wish my Cowboys got him, I think he'd definitely have a place in a 4-3, could probably make the adjustment like Josh Allen (pass rusher) is doing in JAX.
  3. Anyone have double team numbers? From what I've seen I think Takk gets double teamed more than Vic. Having Young on the other side, plus giving Grady a better interior-mate would do wonders for Takk's numbers. But seems like he does a decent amount of dirty work.
  4. Hasn't Takk been double teamed a lot? Falcons are not my primary team so I don't watch all of every game but IIRC he gets doubled a lot. Chase Young + Grady + second round DT (dream) should open things up for him next year (final rookie deal year). Cominsky, Clayborn, and Bailey are also solid rotational pieces to give guys a breather (VERY important). Maybe Cominsky can develop into a solid starter, he's super athletic. Was bummed the Cowboys didn't get him in the draft, but if someone had to jump us I'm glad it was y'all. Look forward to seeing him on the field again when he returns from injury.
  5. And a punter. He and Allen looked like instant BFF's after every successful kick. Good chemistry between the two. Veteran (and playoff tested) Ryan Allen would look nice rocking a "C" badge.
  6. While we’re talking about injuries, any update on Ryan Allen? The fact that he returned to hold FGs after getting roughed is a good sign. Is no news good news? I’ve always like him, feels so good to be able to root for him now that he’s no longer with the Evil Empire.
  7. What about Ryan Allen. Looked in pain after getting roughed (clear cheap shot, hope Gray gets fined but something tells me he won't), hope he's fine. The fact that he held for the two following field goals is a good sign. Always loved Allen, feels SO good to finally be able to truly root for him now that he's free from the Evil Empire. Could be a long-term fix.
  8. Why anyone would celebrate the Evil Empire of all teams is beyond me too. Saints fans really love the Pats, deep down inside, I think they're their number one team. Cajuns really love the Pats.
  9. Hope Ryan Allen is okay. Dirty cheap shot from the Bountygate team. he looked to be in some pain, but thankfully it turned into points and he looked fine on the hold.
  10. If Smitty was the only alternative I'd take him back in a heartbeat. At least he tried 100%.
  11. The Draft Network Simulator: 1 (CIN): Andrew Thomas, OT 2 (WAS): Jerry Jeudy, WR 3. (NYJ): CeeDee Lamb, WR 4. (MIA): #TankForTua So, since he fell to us, no-brainer (can't see that top 4 happening, but the other teams could win their way to a lower draft pick) Rd 1, Pick 5: Chase Young, DE Ohio State No brainer. Falls right into our laps. Talented edge rusher who can wreck havoc. Rd 2, Pick 37: Neville Gallimore, DT Oklahoma Freakishly strong DT, who can pair with Grady to wreck havoc in the middle. And with Chase Young on the edge, look out!. FYI, Curtis Weaver went to Miami one pick before in this sim. I've seen Gallimore mocked as high as the late first. Rd 2, Pick 63: Hamsah Nasirildeen, SS Florida State Large, physical, hard-hitting thumper. Insurance in case Neal's injuries hamper him. Rd 3, Pick 69: JK Dobbins, RB Ohio State Potential mid-round gem. Has talent, and has torched strong run defenses this year. Replaces Freeman, who must go. Rd 4, Pick 104: Logan Stenberg, C Kentucky (NOTE: Obviously this pick will be lower due to comp picks, but I'm rolling with this). Big body with strength, but raw. Interior lineman who plays mostly guard, but will serve as a project to convert to center and groom to succeed Mack. Rd 5-7: BPA. Maybe look for a LB or WR who fell, or just accumulate depth. See if there's a CB project. At corner, none of the good ones fell at the positions, address via trade/FA. Unsure about K. How does this look?
  12. I'm an Aggie, had the pleasure to watch him play in college. Dude was a beast then, still a beast now. Future DPOY material. Pass rushers like him don't come around often. They did fine with that pick.
  13. How about, lose all remaining games except Thanksgiving at home. 2-14. Hand the Aints a loss in primetime after my Cowboys win their game. Ideal scenario for me. That leaves...... Bengals beat the Dolphins and Jets, avenge the Steelers Redskins beat the Giants at home and outlast the Lions Jets win the other Miami game and beat the Redskins Dolphins beat the Bengals and Giants #1 pick, sole possession of worst record, draft Chase Young. Above highlights the most likely scenario IMO
  14. Now that the Braves are eliminated they should put Acuna at CB.