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  1. Does Matt turn into Matty Ice Wind and Fire for the month of September?
  2. Right, I shouldn't assume. To me, with one report saying he was expected to be out for the season, and the next saying "not season-ending" I assumed it was a 3-6 month timeline. Could easily even be shorter. For example, Kyle Long of the Chiefs was first reported to be far more severe, now he's expected for preseason.
  3. Regardless, it definitely sounds like he's going to miss significant time. Depends on the timeline but he it may be just until September or all the way until December. Decent chance a move (probably minor) is going to be made.
  4. I don't think Matt would ever lie. He seems very well-connected, and was simply "told" by someone, and that's what he said. He also alluded to this last night, saying he "thought he knew what the corresponding move would be" to the signing of Badet but "wouldn't say anything until official." (Obviously, this wasn't the move.) The report that says it isn't season-ending also hasn't disclosed what the injury was, where/how he suffered it, and what type of surgery he underwent. It could be something from the player's camp/agency saying "we expect him to be back" or something. We have to wai
  5. The city is not only dirty but it floods every year and will inevitably sink into the Gulf. F that place.
  6. Apparently he had been playing mostly at RT. Andrews got a lot of LG reps. I think he still gets the money either way unless the injury occurred outside of team facilities (which doesn’t seem like the case). If there’s no money to be saved it’s best to just keep him on IR all year and hope he nets us a comp pick.
  7. I guess Mayfield to OT3. Can see if Easton’s price has dropped, word was he was waiting for bigger $$& that never came. Watched the Saints Broncos game highlights and he did great at LG that day. Prob not the place for this, but what does this mean for the cap? Is he still costing us $3.5M? Edit- Apparently his money is injury-protected. Also, Ricky Wagner and Dennis Kelly are good swing tackles still out there. The latter has the advantage of familiarity with Arthur.
  8. Can't retire everyone. Serious cases could be made for 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 21, 31, 42, 57, 58, 60, 62, 78, 84, 86, 87, 88. That's 18. Eventually it's too much.
  9. 12 Gage does sound nice but I've always preferred the number 12 for quarterbacks. EDIT: Miss him wearing 83. His choice but I’m partial to 80’s numbers.
  10. The next person to wear #11 for the Falcons will be Drew Bledsoe's grandson, in maybe 20 years or so.
  11. Welker, Amendola, Beasley, and Humphries (who played for Arthur both seasons he was OC) were all UDFA as well. Feels like Ryan could use one of those.
  12. Very intrigued by Trammell. He's a guy this staff was apparently interested in pre-draft process. Didn't play much last year because of COVID but put up a 16/335/6 line. That's 20.9 yd/rec and extrapolates to 64/1340/24 over a 12-game span. Reminds me of a Danny Amendola/Steve Tasker hybrid. Can also play on ST units. Rooting for him to make the roster.
  13. Arthur's lineage as a coach can be traced directly to Parcells. Parcells -> Belichick -> O'Brien -> Vrabel -> Smith Also got his start working for Joe Gibbs in WAS in 2007.
  14. Definitely. Going to miss the "uniformity" and numbers meaning something by position, but the players clearly really wanted it. I honestly like double digits more but that's just me and many disagree.
  15. Scott has an interesting profile with his size and measurables. Could make the (90 man) roster. Miles Brown has a similar profile to Senat- Short NT with weight and strength. Could see him maybe even taking Senat's spot. Fun fact: Wyatt Miller was Richie Grant's teammate on the 2017 UCF team that went undefeated. TBH I wouldn't mind letting go of Gono, getting a cheaper replacement and rolling over the cap space. Mayfield OT3, new guy OT4. Not really worth it.
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