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  1. As far as QB's: I removed Fromm and Ellinger, I think they are 2021 prospects. Elite Potential (Russell Wilson) You have to earn HOF potential which is for Peyton, Brady, Brees, Montana, and Marino. 1. Tua Tagovailoa - Excellent player (Injury Concerns) Top 5 pick (Elite potential) 2. Joe Burrow - Solid player (Great mix of IQ, mobility, and talent) Top 5 pick (Elite potential) Excellent Potential (Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Troy Aikman) None Very good potential (Michael Vick, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco) 3. Eason - Backup player (Arm talent and skills) - 2nd rounder (Very good potential) Good potential (Andy Dalton, Matt Hasselbeck, Elvis Grbac, Ryan Tannehill) 4. Herbert - Decent player (Talent and ability) 2nd rounder (Good potential) Wildcard potential (Kurt Warner, Tony Romo, Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson, E.J. Manuel, Geno Smith, Josh Freeman) System, personnel, development, and fit matter the most 5. Jalen Hurts - Backup player (Intanigbiles and athletic) 3rd-4th 6. Jordan Love - Backup player (Arm talent and ability) 3rd-4th Likely to return to college. Decent potential (Matt Schaub, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chris Chandelier, Chris Miller) 7. Jamie Newman - Backup player (mental makeup) 3rd-4th Likely to return to college. Backup potential (A.J. McCarron) 8. Steven Montez - Bad player (Good body with solid tools) 9. K.J. Costello - Bad player (High Football IQ and mental makeup) 10. Nate Stanley - Bad player (Scott Tolizen type) 11. James Morgan - Usual smaller school developmental prospect. (Good skills)
  2. For me: Top Prospects 1. Chase Young - Elite player Day 1 (Generational) 1st overall Gap 2. Tua Tagovailoa - Excellent player (Injury Concerns) Top 5 pick (Elite potential) 3. Joe Burrow - Solid player (Great mix of IQ, mobility, and talent) Top 5 pick (Elite potential) Gap 4. Andrew Thomas - Very Good (Pass Blocking concerns) Top 10 pick. (Excellent potential) Gap About 10-12 good positional players who are very good prospects
  3. Can you blame him?
  4. Excellent system, scheme and talent evaluator but his high-level coaching abilities have always disappointed me. I believe he is similar to Jim Caldwell of the Detroit Lions
  5. 1. 5-0, although he really didn't play much in that LAR game, so really 5-1. 2. I think he is a better system fit for what the Saints do than Ryan is. You gotta have extremely good feet in their pass-heavy system. Some guys are system QBs. For example, Kurt Warner for most of his career is not as good as Ryan but in the right scheme, he is a special QB. Consistently better than Ryan. Warner needs pass blockers, an effective running game, and weapons. That's all he needs. When he doesn't have it like at the end of his STL run or in NY, he looks like hot trash.
  6. I actually agree on two fronts. That Ryan in this pass-happy scheme is a fail-fast scheme for him. That the Falcons need to build a more balanced team. That said, I think he needs to do a lot more than that to win a super bowl. More than I think is possible as it currently stands. I think Ryan is capable of winning more than 3 games. I still think with the right squad, you can win 8 games at the least maybe 10-11 games. I do not think Matt Ryan can be a super bowl winning QB unless it's perfect. Like Minny with Keenum or that Texans team two seasons before Watson where they had the running game, weapons, elite defense, and great coaching. But if you put current Ryan in current NE or NO, I don't think you would win more than 8 games but I think you will win 8 games.
  7. I actually don't dislike you so I want that to be clear and I like your logic. I just see things differently. Ryan is already at the same year and point that all of the comparable QB's have fallen off or retired. Aikman Alex Smith Pennington Hasselbeck etc. Almost all of them looked washed at this time of their careers. Ryan does too. I just don't think it will get better from here. I think Atlanta is prisoners of his contract and Tom Brady's age futility. Because Brady did it, we all think QB's can last longer then they did in previous eras when it a reality, Brady is like LeBron. He is rare of the rarest while everyone else is like each other. We have seen old QB's like Ryan type play old like Vinny Testaverde but he was horrible for most of his late 30's and early 40s. I just don't see it. Maybe you see something I just don't see but I see that he lost a step or two and he didn't really have it to being with. I see his arm which was always questionable looking really suspect in the last couple of seasons. I just don't see it.
  8. Agreed. I really believe the Falcons just need to keep adding talent but the Falcons really need to consider the future QB this year. If that's Burrow, fine. Having him sit for a year or two is optimal. If that's Tua, great! He was going to redshirt anyway. But that said, the Falcons need to build this team to win. I don't think a rebuild is realistic. Just keep building on what we have.
  9. He will have to be here for at least next year but I see no reason why he is a part of the rebuild. His salary kinda hurts us in that category.
  10. Hilarious. I wish JD and my dialogue was for PMs. Back to the original topic at hand.
  11. Guys have to live and learn. Sadly, no one removed Vick from the hood until he was grown. Nowadays, these guys get plucked early, they get the right coaching, training, and development so we do not see the same foolishness we saw back in the '90s and early 2000s.
  12. Vick would have had better training, QB coaching at earlier ages, more focused and likely just much better QB fundamentals if he came in today's era. I say the same about a lot of the QBs from that era. I mean, at Cuse, McNabb was running a run-heavy option like offense like Nebraska during that time period. Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning were one of the few running a truly pro-style system in college. Brady's Michigan was exclusively i-formation. The game is just a lot more advanced in 2019 in numerous ways for passers.
  13. You have been reported. Keep it up and I will do it again.
  14. I've never called anyone a trash poster. I said he and those like him lacks class. When you have to add low blows in your comments to another poster, that's lacking class and respect. There is nothing honorable about that. I've been treated with hostility by Matt Ryan supporters while I haven't been hostile with them at all. Do you think it's honorable to attack another poster because you simply disagree?
  15. This is another character attack. Just because you have one perceptive and I have another doesn't give you the right to attack me personally.