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  1. And……just like w Julio…..we key in on Ridley and that seems only one we throw to
  2. “Our D is starting to lay down. We’re out talented and out schemed once a again I fear. Next score puts this team away I’d bet” I typed but did not send the above msg however….I still stand by it. Guess it’s consistency though…..Falcons are still “our” Falcons…..ughhh
  3. They just rubbed our noses in it and btw…..when you have 3rd and maybe w an all pro qb….maybe u ought not to just hand the ball to ur opponent.
  4. The hallmark of competent team management…..”can you adjust successfully”??
  5. We’ve had amble opportunity and either can’t put a hat on him and/or can’t wrap…..just wow😳
  6. Hurts is gonna Michael Vick us to death. Not sure we’re gonna have an answer for his game
  7. And they did!!! We took advantage of those penalties snd stuffed their a___!!
  8. Eagles helped us but we also just helped ourselves as well! Nice stand!!
  9. Prbly have 21 by now if not for penalties…..maybe our #1s could use a ltl extra preseason work on field. I get the argument against but this is silly.
  10. This may sound silly but does anyone else feel like it just looks more like a real football atmosphere w the sun out and roof open? I’m enjoying our home team w an outdoor feel!!
  11. Looks like we’ve made some. Nice job on 4th dwn. Grady is the man!!!
  12. And sweet music to my ears….just wanna see it all verify in game!!
  13. Dude......somebody’s on something.....trade Ridley?? He’s not the greatest to play game but he’s a solid affordable piece and who ain’t getting any younger or new feet! Not rt now at least😳
  14. You make a great point! That certainly didn’t help those guys. Nearly any D staying on field that long in NFL becomes exposed. It happened every single 3rd qtr it seemed. Then, D was gassed in 4th. Excellent point!
  15. I’d also like to throw this out for everyone’s opinions....Could physical conditioning be a serious difference maker w this team??? I’m just wondering. A change was made there. I know we’ve had a ton of injuries last few seasons and I get “it’s nfl” but if you’re physically prepared to go 6 qtrs, it stands to reason you are much better prepared both physically and mentally in 3rd and 4th qtr. Physical exhaustion leads to both mental lapses and injury which leads to “not finishing”. Basically, the hallmarks of DQ legacy......does anyone else think something as basic as physical softness has been an issue??
  16. Exactly!! If he says anything more we hired the wrong dude!
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