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  1. Dude......somebody’s on something.....trade Ridley?? He’s not the greatest to play game but he’s a solid affordable piece and who ain’t getting any younger or new feet! Not rt now at least😳
  2. You make a great point! That certainly didn’t help those guys. Nearly any D staying on field that long in NFL becomes exposed. It happened every single 3rd qtr it seemed. Then, D was gassed in 4th. Excellent point!
  3. I’d also like to throw this out for everyone’s opinions....Could physical conditioning be a serious difference maker w this team??? I’m just wondering. A change was made there. I know we’ve had a ton of injuries last few seasons and I get “it’s nfl” but if you’re physically prepared to go 6 qtrs, it stands to reason you are much better prepared both physically and mentally in 3rd and 4th qtr. Physical exhaustion leads to both mental lapses and injury which leads to “not finishing”. Basically, the hallmarks of DQ legacy......does anyone else think something as basic as physical softness h
  4. Exactly!! If he says anything more we hired the wrong dude!
  5. Anything else I fear would be window dressing and I’m sick of that eg gurley etc. we are what we are, added what we feel is competent coaching. Personally I just wanna see some true physical/mental toughness out of this team week in week out. Control clock, stop run, hit the QB relentlessly and lay down a second half meat grinder. Run it run it and pound it some more while administering a physical beating on D. Impose our will for 4 full quarters. If we lose bc they’re more physically gifted fine. But don’t get out schemed or beaten on physically/mental toughness.
  6. This is a good point. I guarantee you, when surveying the league, MR is an attractive scenario. “Much above average body of work w competent coaching, middling to solid w/o good coaching”. TF shows his intelligence really. Is MR 2 best AB in league?? Nope. Will he ever be?? Prbly not but he’s “good enough to win you a Lombardi still w a decent ol/D and coaching”. He needs a running game...TF saw author smith and said....”I’ll take my chances on that hill vs some of these other longer shot/gut the farm type scenarios”. I’d have done same.
  7. Ha! I’m not being a jerk here at all but seriously.....what else can he do??Obviously we need some “strategic” upgrades if possible within budget but frankly, if Raheem and co could show improvement with existing squad I’d expects Peas and co to show even more. I can’t believe it was all talent related. Yes, we have talent deficiencies in key areas but Raheem couldn’t have improved as much as they did if it was 100% lack of talent. Scheme, coaching and understanding how to teach/relate to and utilize what’s on the roster are just as important. Gotta put what you do/don’t have in best posit
  8. Can’t get much worse.....not sure about best but I’d settle for solid competence at this juncture!
  9. I’ll just say this.....UNBELIEVABLE!! I couldn’t even watch that. Title says it all. As many have stated, we need serious help on both lines, a rb and safety help at bare minimum. How does anyone without massive cap space and/or multiple draft night over achievements even begin to think it’s so easy. I’d say if we shore up lines and safety, get Matt a running game and he/author girl quickly, maybe we could sneak in playoffs (maybe 9-7ish) but it’s gonna take a cpl years to get everything in place for a deep run imho.
  10. I figured you were near by. I understand! Same to you! Btw, I’m stoked about Fonteneout.
  11. They gonna finally break out that red helmet this year? That w white pants would be slick
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