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  1. Agreed! Everyone was in awe of KS but the system (which is dependent upon “the threat of and eventual success outside” from associated commitment and execution) really feeds itself once it’s rolling and that is the beauty which makes the OC a genius is what it opens up. As you said, staying committed and then understanding how to take advantage of the many opportunities in a way that keeps opponents on their heels is the real key. I know we’re all praying he can/will. If DQ is a HC, he will lay down clear expectations and make swift changes if this edict isn’t followed from get go. I think OL will be an asset in this system (Lindstrom, McGarity, Mathews and Boss Hoss at C).
  2. Competence and effort....wait.....I’m sounding like a DQ presser......how about “prepared”!!
  3. Exactly! Koetter must realize everyone is going to be looking for this and trying to wall it off but.....he has to remain committed and scheme around this concept to help it open up. Once it starts working it is as the man stated a “moving sidewalk”. Will DK be able to remain committed thru tough stretches????
  4. Yeah.....what can we expect w a jock sniffer named “fister”....unbelievable 😁
  5. Man I sure hope so. They’ve done a ton of shuckin’ and jivin’ w this roster......as usual claiming they “love the make up of our new talent” blah blah blah.......can they contend.....maybe if all stars align properly. Can they win it all??? Depends on who they play and whether or not they lay down in 4th qtr. what does their track record tell us??
  6. I like the idea of a vet at corner, I’d like some more help at LB also but we’ve gotta get that QB sooooo.......I say vet CB and maybe a curry or griffin. We must be able to get to the QB or this season will be another “what happened” fest.
  7. This in my opinion Is a very accurate assessment. Don’t necessarily know if we’d have beaten Baltimore bc we always blow the “big one” but there is no question that NE was and shb beaten. We failed to take care of business when it counted the very most. I pray MR, Julio and co get another shot but to expect to have a “dream SB” which is exactly what we were having in 51 is probably too much to hope. I do fear that those guys and us fans may have to live w “what could’ve and should’ve been” for posterity. A sad lesson in both sports in life!!! Unfortunately our debacle will be a locker room example for every team who ever again has a halftime lead forever. There’s so much pressure on this org to win now, they owe their fans, they owe themselves and frankly they also owe this owner. In reality it is a nearly untenable scenario and as much as I’ve railed against our staff, if they can deliver a Lombardi under this pressure, I’ll def have a new level of respect. Ohhhh how Julios incredible sideline catch was wasted......I can’t even describe the agony I feel writing this. Sorry for the rant......I’m not over 51 and I’m still angry!!!!
  8. Thanks for posting this!! I heard all I needed in the clip from combine!! This is def the man we needed!!! Imagine this dude once he becomes a vet leader too!!! Love it!!
  9. This is encouraging! Hopefully DK is in his basement planning to unleash a more balanced attack as well.
  10. This! We all know our team has let us and themselves down more times than not. That’s a fact not any other “mechanism” or form of “closet hate”. It’s a fact! Some of us are obv all in, some are skeptical and yes there are a few who give this org no credit and maybe never will but I would say “deliver a consistent contender and win a cpl Lombardis and the naysayers will be much quieter and much later to the party”. I hope we win it all!!! I’m gonna watch every game and root for this team!! Unfortunately, their 54 year body of work, and more importantly this staffs history (beginning w the 51 debacle) has given most objective evaluators very good reason to say “WE’VE HEARD ENOUGH EMPTY HYPE RE:ATL FALCONS”; “SHUT UP AND PROVE IT FOR 4 FULL QTRS (NOT 2 or 3) AND BRING THIS TOWN THE LOMBARDI YOU CLOWNS GAVE AWAY”. I’m not saying this in a jerk way, nor am I meaning to crap on this discussion but the majority of the $$ spending fanbase is of this opinion. Doesn’t mean they dont care but they’re just over it all. This being said, I’m excited for the season, interested to see how our staff/personnel respond and basically hopeful of playoff football. Anything more than that will be a nice surprise. D should be better (can’t get much worse). O sb better w OL and better at RB (DKs scheme is biggest fear I have) as was previously stated, if the O is not able to score points it may put too much pressure on a young D. If DQ is really HC material, he better have DK on the matte enduring he executed a high level game plan that includes scoring, moving chains and eating clock.
  11. I’ve got my sights set on 2021 and I hope this org does too. I don’t disagree w most of what you say but unfortunately our history is our reality until we change that. Hope springs eternal though!!
  12. I was already on the edge man and you had to bring this up........next scene we’ll be organizing a road trip to NO and paying admission to view their Lombardi. I’m so sick of the pain our cruel franchise has dealt us. Ughhhh
  13. Everyone needs to just embrace your inner suck and trust this miraculous process that is 5yrs in the making. By time we reach the decade mark it will all be revealed to those of us still on this side of the dirt. Now everyone pls snuggle up to that “suck” and wait patiently......no sniveling, whining or heaven forbid questioning. If you begin to feel your enthusiasm waning head on dwn to MBS and purchase a few PSLs......the exercise of your pocket book should get your blood flowing , restore your vitals and renew all faith in the process. Not to mention it will enhance your enjoyment of the “suck” a bit more!! And if NFL network should terrorize you with something like a 51 rerun/breakdown.......before assuming the fetal under your bedsheets and sucking your thumbs...... just remember that we have a “process” and not everyone is so fortunate (the Pats prbly aren't even so lucky) and on top of that a brotherhood with new uniforms too!!! Purchasing all 4 jerseys is also another very therapeutic act as well!!!!! Just remember.....it isn’t about our record much less winning championships.......it’s about “CONTINUITY”. Whatever you’re doing just keep doing it at all costs and a “PROCESS” everyone should have one of their own!! All this recent talk about the Taints, our many failures and 51 are seriously killing me. This is gonna be a loooong summer!!
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