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  1. My thoughts exactly and I like it!!
  2. Sadly, I’m at point I’d almost take a white helmet to ensure the rest of our uni wasn’t an Oregon duck nightmare on Peachtree street which I’m growing more worried abt by the day. Really had hoped for the red ones in classic style but all signs point to a fail in that dept.
  3. I wrote Buddy Curry as a kid and have an old autographed pic except he was in the road white jersey. Nice!!!
  4. Totally agree!!
  5. This is accurate and also exactly what I’d hoped for ours.
  6. I was thinking same thing
  7. SAAAWEEET!!!!
  8. Exactly!! This cat needs to go somewhere and be really quiet while spending time lying on the couch of a trained professional
  9. This is what we want consistently from MR, JJ and our unis!!!! Hope the Branch is including this data as they’ve monitored the internet;)
  10. Yeah and we need DOGS who will become leaders. We need guys who will hold their own mother accountable in that locker room. I’m still of belief that whatever discipline and true respect exists in our locker room must be self imposed by our players. I just don’t see anyone on this staff commanding any “healthy fear”/“respect” from an NFL vet.
  11. Dude, my ex wife is from NH. I’m a lifelong Ga boy......been fan since 70’s......I was in NE when Brady won the snow bowl over Oakland to begin the run......that SB loss haunts me day and night!! I can’t even look at my daughters w/o feeling the pain!!!! Imagine carrying that......I hope we win bc I do not blv we’ll be legit until LI is avenged. I would also like to beat TB bc my ex is such a pathetic fan that she’s already trying to get tickets to take my youngest to see him play. Yes, NE fans are turds and they’re gonna get there’s now I hope but Whatever you or others feel re LI on this board......just imagine my agony.....and all I can do is take it bc they’re right......we freakin choked up the most unlovable SB in history.
  12. And his *** is on the line for them as well......
  13. Awesome video! Thx for posting!!
  14. I’d love that pick up and agree.....if he can stay healthy of course. Wouldn’t be shocked to see him picked up higher though.
  15. Yeah, I’m interested to hear others take. Esp us and y’all since we’ve typically been the More established teams in our division.