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  1. No......for this reason (see sun tzu 7
  2. You might wanna include Braves and pretty much any other team that calls this state home. None of them can quite get over the hump. Not all for the same reasons but at end of day results are usually same.
  3. We have a very deliberate process in place and a lot of very intelligent “GMs” in the bldg. We will do our due diligence and make the appropriate decisions. We’re not shy about making those either......besides we’ve got a man on the NFL competition committee, a lavish new stadium we’ll eventually fill up and we just hosted the Super Bowl team we laid down for so that they could celebrate in our own house because laying down in Houston wasn’t quite good enough. We also have 1.50 hotdogs for the fans....oh and did I mention a lot of smart people in that bldg. Mr McKay is drafting extensions as we speak for appropriate individuals and Earnest T Bass (or whoever the league recommends we hire) will still be available once we’ve completed all of our due diligence. Our marketing research tells us it inspires confidence when we use terms like this.
  4. I keep wondering this and unfortunately my common sense says maybe someone else made this push.....Ryan??.....McKay??....TD??? I find it hard to blv AB would’ve pushed this w/o someone else in exec mgt involved and the question you posed makes it hard to blv Quinn actually thought this was the way to go after seeing what KS accomplished......but.... we may never know. Maybe DQ will let someone info out if he gets axed but I seriously doubt that.
  5. To be clear...it’s not just the f/a guards. We see veteran players making boneheaded lackadaisical plays too over and over. I expect issues w rooms but I just don’t get what we’re seeing/why if it’s not the coaching/lack of.
  6. Nice work putting all this together. The one ting I can’t understand is how these NFL level players (eg free agent guards) keep making the same mistakes game in/out. This is one example of why I question this coach/staff. At some point either we’ve selected/signed the dumbest stumps known to man, we aren’t able to effectively teach technique or our staff is not holding them accountable. I just don’t get it
  7. Thanks Boise, it’s just frustrating to see a man w all this $ fiddle fart around w losers.
  8. Yeah, I think as soon as the door slams behind the last one.....you place two abnormally large ice cubes in a glass, pour up about 4 fingers of fine scotch and refresh for a moment. Afterwards you personally contact Bill Parcells, Bill Polian and any other GM/exec that you can think of that has been a part of consistent NFL success during the last 25 years and offer to fly them to a location of mutual agreement for whatever price they specify in order to spend 3-5 days developing an org leadership model and 3 potentially successful models for sustained on-field success within today’s NFL environment. These models should address on-field schemes, scouting, drafting, player development, coaching/evaluation/accountability, FA management/acquisition and should be directed at thorough review of current roster (how to maximize immediate ROI) while transitioning as necessary to new/revised org on field philosophy. You should also leave these meeting w a priority order listing of potential GM, HC/Coord hires based upon the agreed upon models and associated strengths, weaknesses etc. AB will likely have to pay thru the proverbial nose to pull this off during December but that’s what you do. You be willing to hear things that make you uncomfortable and somewhat vulnerable personally and you take a film library/tech and your confidential sec. none of the Corp worms from the branch!! You bring these guys to Fontainebleau Miami or wherever the consensus works. Put them in suites w activities for their wives/significant others during day and you comp everything!!!!!! Wine and dine them lavishly at night or simply burgers and beers whateverThey will enjoy. During day it’s all business all football and I guarantee you get knowledge you currently do not possess abt some/all of your failures at very least. At best you build a very expensive team of high level experts who are willing to give a small share of their time and knowledge to a humble owner w $$ and desire to do things right. Maybe even cultivate yourself some very valuable minority owners to help you right the ship and even give occasional guidance if you hit a rough spot. It starts w being humble, recognizing the people who have knowledge and doing whatever necessary to engage them and access said knowledge and success. I’d prbly add Jimmy Johnson and a few others to that list. Proven winners who’ve built winners!!! Start yesterday!!! There is nothing to lose. AB basically needs to go thru his very own NFL exec “boot camp” w clearly defined deliverables to bring home. This is what I do if I’m mr B.
  9. We’re being Corp smug, classy, a good community partner, doing things “the right way” , taking our time and deliberating on the process, speaking w all of the very capable and smart GMs in the bldg, making sure we consider all aspects of the operation........making good and sure that we’re going to get everyone else’s leftovers after a very thorough and deliberate process involving a lot of very smart people.
  10. I agree we need a proven and still capable vet but first we need a scheme and direction then add said vet(s). Right now we have a mess w no direction. We cannot develop young talent into future stars until we know who we are philosophically and staffing wise.
  11. Blank has the $ to go get the best leadership. There is no salary cap on what you pay mgt!! That’s where he does have an opportunity. I know 30+ other owners have $$ too but if he’d open up the bank and strategically target some of the proven best I think it might be worth it in end. May even include ownership package tied to performance deliverables. There’s ways to make it appealing to even the fattest cats out there.
  12. I’m the one who said fire the janitor and all of the secretaries, water boy etc in a moment of rage but honestly in what way has this organization been successful in the past 5 years. Strictly looking from a Corp mentality (something AB, McKay et al should understand). What as a Corp entity have we done well??? Some would say “build a beautiful stadium and host Super Bowl”. That’s fine if it has satisfied your paying customers.......I blv however paying customers would say “take your SB which we didn’t play in, your magnificent coliseum and certainly the failing sports product which your current leadership has developed and chunk it as far as possible”.....my guess is that the 1.50 dogs are a great idea but not in a cavernous Corp plush “non NFL atmosphere”. Again, we have leadership that does not understand its consumer!! Give em a very nice modern stadium, adequate parking and tailgating access, reasonable food/bev, no silly arrogant PSLs and most of all a consistently competitive team. Doesn’t have to win Lombardi every year but be in the mix more than not and win the occasional Lombardi (once A decade or so on avg) and the fans in this town would show out on sundays!!!!!!! Just like Braves when they’re good!!!! It’s not that difficult!!!!! Nobody wants to blow their family’s summer vacation or Christmas savings on a trash team, in an overdone pantheon monument to losers where every other team comes to urinate on our fake grass!!!! So yeah, the dude isn’t far off w his comments. We need folks that Get and Care about their Customers running this team. Exec leadership has FAILED!!!!!
  13. While we rotate on our thumb...and attempt to retain our Corp smugness. .....again