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  1. Can’t get much worse.....not sure about best but I’d settle for solid competence at this juncture!
  2. I’ll just say this.....UNBELIEVABLE!! I couldn’t even watch that. Title says it all. As many have stated, we need serious help on both lines, a rb and safety help at bare minimum. How does anyone without massive cap space and/or multiple draft night over achievements even begin to think it’s so easy. I’d say if we shore up lines and safety, get Matt a running game and he/author girl quickly, maybe we could sneak in playoffs (maybe 9-7ish) but it’s gonna take a cpl years to get everything in place for a deep run imho.
  3. I figured you were near by. I understand! Same to you! Btw, I’m stoked about Fonteneout.
  4. They gonna finally break out that red helmet this year? That w white pants would be slick
  5. This may be valid or not but your point reminds me a lot of the whole Beasley saga. Athlete....not a player. DQ and co had a pure knack for that
  6. As others have stated I think pees will have a lot to say abt this. Both schematically and w the insertion of his foot in that *** as necessary!! He will demand it!! But also, he will have this units respect up front too. You can’t convince me that this entire staff had not lost the respect of these players.
  7. This is exactly my theory....you start getting some dogs who can get home and next thing u know.....it feeds itself
  8. That’s been my whole thing.....HTF can any semi pro level team not get to AB once or twice a game??? It’s been absurd for years
  9. Dude, it’s gotta be abysmal. Just think how many games we saw where no one has touched the opposing wb. Seriously.....I found myself gazing in amazement esp w a supposed D expert for HC....I think this is our single biggest and most glaring issue of the many we have
  10. Lotta truth spoken by this man here! I, like everyone else, realize we have other needs but let’s face one fact....in order to beat the Brady’s and Rogers if NFC....you gotta hit em hard and often. Our disruption begins and ends w #97. He’s a stud, prbly my favorite falcon these days but just imagine how it would be to have another source of violence and retribution after the QB. This is one area where you can get a cpl of real dogs and the “sum can even be greater than the parts”. We gotta get Grady some help!! He’s too great to waist his best years trying to overcome a poor supporting
  11. I figd you were and I honestly hated to do it but somehow it felt better to let it out. I guess it could be much worse....At least we didn’t have to watch the **** taints hoist another one!
  12. Where you been man?? Lurking??🤣
  13. We need a solid team good in all phases of game. Don’t have to be great in each.....be good in all gray in a cpl to start and improve from that.
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