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  1. Blitz every **** play!! Did Morris learn nothing against Carolina🤬
  2. I’m done w this **** show. This is what we get after a bye week????? Fire Morris tomorrow......pack it in
  3. I’m sick of Morris if he doesn’t have a set beg enough to throw DK outta the booth NOW!!!!!
  4. Someone pls make sure DQ isn’t in there coaching this D up
  5. I’ll man up and admit I fantasized over it a few times here. I would’ve taken a diseased monkey over Quinn at the bye last year. I knew it was a ruse (6-2) and that he could not keep those guys playing. Classic example though of sometimes best move is no move. Dallas is a bigger dumpster fire than we are. At least we can start fresh w a lot of core offensive talent. This is their “fresh start”😳
  6. Maybe it’s bc we never have had a staff from top down w Lombardi pedigrees who knows what it takes (the focus, continual concentration and consistently excellent level of effort) required to get in vets faces and tell them they’re slack and that it won’t be allowed to happen on this team!! Men that own excellence and guys who these young players look at and wanna emulate. We’ve had some “nice, high character” guys in bldg who were prty good football men but we’ve never had guys who can walk into a room during playoff prep or at half time of a SB flashing the hardware that can say “gentleman
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