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  1. Houston & Casey. Then take a risk on a vet CB & WR.
  2. Highway Robbery at its finest. I don't want to hear anything about the cap, this is a terrible trade & Fontenot will regret this.
  3. Man, reading through this, most of our fans legit turned on Julio. It’s wild to see. The only thing I don’t understand is, he said he wants to go to a team with a “deep ball thrower” then why are his preferred choices the Titans & Patriots 😅
  4. Seems like he just wants out regardless if we pitch the "contender" story or not. I really believe we've been bad simply from coaching and I think this team could contend next year with Julio, I'm all for keeping him, but it seems he doesn't want to try this out again sadly.
  5. Even if we got 2 firsts, 9 times out of 10 the drafted players will never be as good as Julio. Tough pill to swallow if he's dealt.
  6. Crazy how a lot of our fans just completely turned on Julio. Our offense and the Falcons in general are better with 11 than without.
  7. Man, all of this is like a bad dream. We're not going to get good comp for him so just keep him!
  8. Even with all this, I still hope we can keep him so we can see Julio, Ridley & Pitts for just 1 year, man.
  9. I don't understand Arthur Blank. What more does he need to see from Quinn?!
  10. Bring him TF home TD! 4th or 5th receiver and we can bring the 12 gauge back!
  11. I wouldn't mind it if it's a team friendly hometown prove it deal. Low risk high reward signing.
  12. 2nd Rounder for a TE that hasn't done much his entire career. Fire TD,
  13. Could have traded him, I believe Detroit was offering a 5th. I get the cut nonetheless though.
  14. Whew, looking at that 2012 draft just made my stomach turn.
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