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    gregoryel got a reaction from Boise Falcon Fan in How can Quinn NOT be fired by Tomorrow?   
    I don't understand Arthur Blank.  What more does he need to see from Quinn?!
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    gregoryel reacted to ZoneOne01 in Gurley Released ... Can we afford him?   
    Gurlie to Atlantie
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    gregoryel reacted to ATL_666 in How do you guys really feel about Thomas Dimitroff?   
    He has done some good stuff, but he can't build an OL or DL to save his life.  
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    gregoryel reacted to stizz in We Traded For Hayden Hurst   
    A 2nd and 5th. Fire TD.
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    gregoryel reacted to Spts1 in what would we have to give up to get Chase Young?   
    I said this before and gonna say it again:  Quinn and Dimitroff don't have two, three years to see if a draft haul helps the team.  They are in win now mode per ownership.  If Quinn and Dimitroff feel that Chase Young is a immediate player that can help them get to the playoffs, they will run it by Rich McKay who will run it by Arthur Blank.  That means that Young is on the table for the Falcons if they want to draft him...
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    gregoryel reacted to ya_boi_j in Where do you prefer passrush to come from   
    All over.  even an occasional corner blitz. 
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    gregoryel reacted to kiwifalcon in Where do you prefer passrush to come from   
    Anywhere to be honest I’m not fussed.Blitz inside outside a combo of thee mentioned.
    By any means necessary.
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    gregoryel reacted to Run 'n' Shoot in what would we have to give up to get Chase Young?   
    Post Superbowl, I would've been all for this. Unfortunately, a few years later, we have way too many holes in the roster to address.
    He would look great in a Falcons uniform though.
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    gregoryel got a reaction from Cheap Talk in TD’s worst draft   
    Whew, looking at that 2012 draft just made my stomach turn.
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    gregoryel reacted to JDaveG in 30 for 30: Michael Vick   
    Definitely will be watching this.
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    gregoryel reacted to Malachore in TD blowing smoke or dead serious?   
    We getting Chase Young boys!
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    gregoryel reacted to FalconofShadows in Ian Rapoport on Falcons Offseason   
    So they feel good about our interior rush. That's just wrong on so many levels
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    gregoryel reacted to caponine in Dimitroff: Falcons Need More “Game-Wreckers” on Roster   
    Hear this same crap every year , and nothing has changed at all. I dont see where the talent on defense is outside of Grady and Deion. Corners still aren't that good too me. OLB and DE are trash, if they dont hit this draft  and FA then this will tell me what I need to know about this team this season 
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    gregoryel reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Falcons Will Bring Back Koo   
    That's koo
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    gregoryel reacted to Falcons_Frenzy in Austin Hooper franchised at the expense of Freeman?   
    Oh no. Mr. No Block in the Superbowl. I'm going to miss him.....
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    gregoryel reacted to MAD597 in Kubiak Takes over Vikings OC vacancy   
    We are a stupid team
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    gregoryel reacted to Da_Truth in Matt Ryan led offenses over the decade +   
    So basically what any true Falcon fan already knew...defense has ALWAYS been the issue holding this team back.  Arthur even knew and that's why he hired DQ to fix it.  Instead he got a Seahawks fraud who got a job based on the defense Pete built.  Why is DQ still here again?
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    gregoryel reacted to Ovie_Lover in 6 foot 3, 248 pounds and still....   
    Where are the other Derrick Henry's? Last I checked there's only one.
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    gregoryel reacted to ya_boi_j in San Francisco Falcons   
    One word. Scheme. 
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    gregoryel reacted to Spts1 in What we learned in 2019   
    The atlanta falcons suck...
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    gregoryel reacted to 44 Aaron RF in For the 2nd year in a row, Dan Quinn felt the team missed the mark in the run game   
    We won’t be any better next year. 
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    gregoryel reacted to ATLSlobberKnockers in False Narrative: Ryan Struggles In First Year With New OC   
    Keeping DK is a mistake. There are literally a half dozen guys we could bring in that would be better.
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    gregoryel reacted to ryantlanta in 2020 Offseason Re-Tooling Plan   
    No way we cut Keanu Neal 
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    gregoryel reacted to DogIsYourName in What if the Falcons had just kneeled?   
    What if Jake Matthews just hadn't held?  He pushed us out of two FGs in the 4th quarter.  With either one, the comeback would've been impossible.
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    gregoryel reacted to MilleniumFalcon in This Game Is Either Incredibly Encouraging Or Utterly ****ing   
    Dirk needs to go. His plays take way too long to develop. Matt is best in a quick strike and play-action offense.
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