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  1. I don't understand Arthur Blank. What more does he need to see from Quinn?!
  2. Bring him TF home TD! 4th or 5th receiver and we can bring the 12 gauge back!
  3. I wouldn't mind it if it's a team friendly hometown prove it deal. Low risk high reward signing.
  4. 2nd Rounder for a TE that hasn't done much his entire career. Fire TD,
  5. Could have traded him, I believe Detroit was offering a 5th. I get the cut nonetheless though.
  6. Whew, looking at that 2012 draft just made my stomach turn.
  7. As soon I saw the title, I knew what this thread would be about.
  8. We won the last few games of the season last year, look how that turned out.
  9. Arthur Blank is too loyal to a fault. "Oh we're 5-2 after the bye, good momentum for next season" we won 3 straight games last year and were an Agholor drop away from starting 0-8 this year. TD & Quinn should both be gone but, another year wasted of Matt & Julio's prime coming up.
  10. Doesn't matter who's fighting for Quinn. Can't start the season 1-7 with the talent we have. He has to go.
  11. Ron Rivera for DC sure. Not for head coach. We need an offensive mind.
  12. If we had a GM who could actually draft then I’d be all for trading down. Chase Young is a generational talent. Trade up to get him
  13. Great value for him, I love Sanu a lot on this team, one of the locker room leaders, this one stings. Hopefully it won't be TD drafting this pick.
  14. Watch we beat Seattle, AB thinks we're getting on "the right track" and keeps Quinn for the rest of the season.
  15. I really don't understand why AB is waiting to fire him until the bye. It's inevitable at this point, AB is too loyal to a fault, Is he not watching the same games we are? We are getting annihilated with just flat out awful coaching. Rushing 3, dropping rushers into coverage, soft cover 3 zone, etc. Quinn should have been gone when we lost to the Titans, who then benched their QB the game afterwards. This team is obviously not responding to him and the longer he waits to let him go, the longer we'll be a laughing stock. Oh yeah, tell him to take TD with him.
  16. Apparently everyone in the league knows this defense is basic and pathetic except AB.
  17. TD can't draft a lineman or pick a coach to save his life but he is however, good with the contracts of players. I'm on board with canning him.
  18. When the team you're playing calls the defense predictable, It says a lot about Quinn. Teams have caught on to that vanilla defense being ran every down.
  19. I'm so sick of Quinn. Week in and week out "we're going to work hard on defense in practice" then turns around and runs that same weak back the corners off 10 yards each play defense. SMH
  20. Fire both, immediately. Our team gets out coached weekly and DK cant scheme receivers open. No point in waiting, do it now.
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