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  1. Maybe we should trade Deion next?
  2. Thank you Mo for the last 4 years. You will be missed.
  3. My opinion, the 2007 Atlanta Falcons had more heart than the 2019 Atlanta Falcons. This team has no heart.
  4. Chuck hit it right on the head. Vic Beasley is the laziest player on our team.
  5. Just like the Texans game, a fitting ending to a **** show. Unreal.
  6. At least you are aware of this
  7. Once again, Freeman needs to be off this team by tomorrow.
  8. It’s as if this team is trying to make us laugh.
  9. His 8 carries in 5 years offers more than what Freeman is giving us at the moment. Believe me.
  10. This is something the Rams are famous for and somehow Quinn can’t even scheme for it. This guy is out of touch.
  11. Since when is there a rule that full backs can’t run the ball?
  12. You mean to tell me Keith Smith and Barner can’t split the carries the rest of the game? Last I checked they are classified as running backs.
  13. If I’m Quinn I’m benching Freeman for the rest of the game just so I can trade him after today.
  14. Shanahan wouldn’t fix this abomination of a defense.
  15. I expect a career day from Goff only for him to go back to normal the very next game.