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  1. An important question is who is he going to bring as defensive coordinator?
  2. It was clear and obvious that AJ didn’t get the interception. Not like he could tell with all the humongous screens in the stadium.
  3. I just checked on ESPN that the Bucs have to win next week if they want to lock up the 5 seed. We’ll see if that matters to them. If so we will probably lose and guarantee ourselves a top 3 pick.
  4. If Tampa Bay rests their starters next week, we will most likely be picking outside of the top 3.
  5. Shut him down for the season and think about what to do with him after this year. Hate to say it but he’s probably a part time player from here on.
  6. Call me crazy but Would it be possible if we trade Matt and Julio in a package deal for a few first round picks? Maybe to New England if they don’t keep cam?
  7. My opinion, the 2007 Atlanta Falcons had more heart than the 2019 Atlanta Falcons. This team has no heart.
  8. Chuck hit it right on the head. Vic Beasley is the laziest player on our team.
  9. Just like the Texans game, a fitting ending to a **** show. Unreal.
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