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  1. I don't agree with ANY of his points. God awful signing,what the **** he will never pass the physical anyway.
  2. It's the flu not the bubonic plague, people are so ******* dumb. The answer is **** no
  3. Exactly,playing the online part it's fun but with ALL online games,some unwanted PVP.
  4. It is a grind,but I am really enjoying it. Any tips for a new honorable gunslinger?
  5. No he wouldn't he is straight garbage and has been for a long time.
  6. One of the biggest turds in the toilet bowl of humanity.
  7. A marshmallow soft player,glad he is gone.
  8. Ok flame me if you have to,why the **** have we not offered sexy RexyIthe DC job?
  9. I am not an UGA fan,repeat I AM NOT an UGA fan.,this being said I would not stoke out if the falcons took Jake Fromn (sp) in the third or later.
  10. More bubble screens.. and oh maybe RUN the ball.
  11. We do need a QB .
  12. I totally agree,we might see some blitzing as well.