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  1. Lol.
  2. Lol no,you can't have "whomever"
  3. Yes,yes I did. So they beat us when we suck,rather that than a number one seed berth on the line.
  4. Goodbye,top five pick. Meaningless win
  5. **** no
  6. I won't watch this team of garbage, that's what they are. Saints will win 48-10 Brees gets hurt,bad.
  7. This MIGHT happen,it is the falcons.
  8. Nothing,because they won't..wake up.
  9. No,no they won't. After a CRUSHING loss to the bagheads..I am thinking 48-10, the falcons ARE done. The reality is 1-15,Atlanta is that bad.
  10. So when Atlanta goes 1-15, your don't want Tua?
  11. I would like to see snow.
  12. Winner,winner chicken dinner.
  13. Ryan is in decline,he has and will continue to play like Doo Doo.
  14. First,Atlanta is going 1-15. Second, you draft Tua.END OF DISCUSSION.