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  1. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Saw some improvements since last week at least. Dang sure need to look for a new punter!
  2. Can we pleeeeze give it a couple more weeks??? (Sorry, I just woke up from this past Sunday's game...)
  3. Scrolled down 1 1/2 pages looking for it... Nope, don't see 28-3 yet...
  4. Should have gone to the Varsity and watched it there. Coulda' had a couple a' chili dogs, rings and a FO to make up for the trip!
  5. Well, gotta admit that Quinn's D got it done. Now...countdown till thread is booted to "Falcons Boards"
  6. I wasn't directing that at you, just all involved. I was around to watch the first stadium get built, so I get that. We have our first game of the year next week, can't wait! I'll bow out of this thread, but hope everyone involved can make peace with each other! Life's too short. Trust me on that...
  7. I just logged on here and it appears I am in the middle of a family quarrel! Back away from the keyboard, grab a frosty cold beverage and appreciate the truth that we all hate the "Saints"! (don't make me sing Kumbaya)! LOL
  8. Hope AS plays lots of this in the next team meeting. Then he can explain our Freakin’ Rivalry!!!
  9. Reckon' we may give an onside kick, a try tonight?
  10. Just got on here and yours was the first comment I looked at after going to latest page and danged if I didn't see "maccaron" as maccaroni! (maccaroni arm???) Lord help me!!! LOL
  11. Bi-polar 1 is unfathomable to most. My Ex-wife was finally diagnosed with it years down the road. Always knew something was bad wrong back in the day, just never knew what. Takk needs lots of prayers!
  12. Only thread I figured I could ask on. Did Koo ever get his kicking shoes back from when his car was stolen?
  13. In all my years as a fan I have never attended a training camp. Drove by many times! Knew a number of players. Where might I find info on attending? I'm pretty pumped, reading about Font, Smith and Pees. Since I retired, it sounds like a fun outing! Thanks! BD
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