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  1. Drove my girls crazy with that movie. I pretty much had it memorized. They thought I was nuts. (I am) Now THEY know most of the good parts themselves! ( late 20's now) LOL
  2. Came back lookin' for a 28-3 reference... Close! ;)
  3. Confidence my friends...Confidence. A big necessity that we ain't had in quite a while!
  4. Hurst always seems to come ready to play. Really like the guy!
  5. This is like watching a 15 car pile-up on Spaghetti Junction! You hate that it happened, but you can't stop looking at it!
  6. At least the Falcons are dependable. You can depend on them to run the ball right up the middle at the goal line, over and over again...
  7. Catching parts of the Green Bay game while shaking my head at another loss. What stood out to me was the look on Aaron Rogers face after almost all plays. Had the "I own your ***" snit eating grin constantly. Hit me like a wake up call. We don't have that with Ryan anymore. Aaron is having fun playing ball, Matt looks like a deer in the headlights most of the time. Robotic is the word that comes to mind. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I'll just leave this here as I run out the door... 28-3
  9. I swear, twice that Matt has changed plays at the line, it sounds like the final count is "Greenbay Sux" Of course I'm old and hearing is probably not what it used to be, but made me laugh!
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