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  1. Well, knowing a good bit about diamonds, it means it ain't cut and polished yet. (Isn't pretty, and you don't wanna wear it!) (Should add...has potential to shine brightly!)
  2. I was 4 years old when the franchise was begat. (is that a word?) I'm a somewhat old fart, but we're reversed on the other end. I joined the board only 2-3 years ago. Lurked for several years earlier. I was in a family business after high school where we got to know more than a few sports figures in Atlanta back in the day. Got to do some events with several Falcons and Braves players and / or coaches over those early years. Good times for a 20+ year old by that time. I get what you are saying about being a part of the deal. You can bond big time, whether with the players or the fans. And if
  3. Don't know D-Led personally and I get the voice thing, but I bet if the Falcons open up a can of whoop-*** this year, those testicles are gonna finally drop and he's gonna be chattin' up like we ain't never heard him do!
  4. Dang-it, I told him we were gonna be camping at Victoria Bryant and would be sneakin' in to see the Falcons mini camp! Wondered why he missed dinner.../smh
  5. Sounds like a no nonsense kinda guy. Answers are pretty much short, sweet and on point. Not a lot of ya-ya'ing.
  6. I've been a big fan of Hurst since he joined the team. I'm looking for both of those 2 TE to mix it up and open up a number of other options. Who the heck will the D across the LOS look for first? This should be exciting watching this offense this year! Not to mention getting points on the board!
  7. I think you meant HOT Dayum!!! Oh Myyyy!!! LOL
  8. I first read that as training camp bottle, so of course I thought Hennessy! Don't know if he can beat out Patr'on though...
  9. Well, at least I chose the grade that the majority took. An "A"! As I stated before, I'm not even close to being a draft guru. I don't think Pitts was a surprise to anyone on the board, as I saw him mentioned many times. I kept seeing that we would be taking the BPA when we were on the clock, That is what I would like to believe we did. What say you? I do feel that the new GM and Head Coach know that it's their *** on the line, having such an opportunity at #4 overall. I feel like they got the guys they wanted. Can't wait to see them hit the field! It's a new day and a new season here in Hotla
  10. I'm not a fan that is very knowledgeable when it comes to the draft. But this year I have truly been keeping up best as I can, and have really enjoyed the chat among all of you here on the board. It has made it fun to be here! I'm not a youngster, was here when the team was first brought into the NFL. I have a feeling that maybe...just maybe, we finally have the pieces that we have needed for so many years. We've been dang close, but this ain't horseshoes. Can't wait for the season to start after this draft, and with our new coaching and front office changes. To quote Eddie Murphy "Feeling goo
  11. Cool Ade? Oh Yeaaaaahhhhh!!! Grasping here.
  12. I have a sneaking suspicion that you only posted this to show off your poetic prowess...
  13. Does he weigh the same as a duck? (I'll be right behind you...)
  14. Question for those, wise in the way of drafts and contracts. With the influx of free agents that "FontSmit" have been getting, can these players that have been acquired also be used as part of a trade package in the upcoming draft? Would it have to be spelled out in their new Falcons contract if so? Thanks!
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