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  1. Jerry Glanville is the D.C. for Tampa Bay. Guess (hard as it is) they will be my team to pull for at this point. They play today.
  2. I LOVE how he is the master troll. This will go internet wide and talked about all week, instead of the Iowa caucus. LOL
  3. See, this is why I'm an ATLANTA FALCONS TATF lurker! (gotta cover my bases for the thread ). After 17 beers and a Falcons loss, I'm liable to type about ANYTHING! (you're welcome!)
  4. I'll pull for the team that does the least post play poses after game over. Ought to spend more time practicing plays than them dayum poses...
  5. Cat for the win!
  6. So for my first post (unless I was beered up and forgot a few), I have to say that you have officially ruined my tomorrow... (Guess I forgot a few!)
  7. All I can say is that fans vote with their feet (or seats). If your favorite restaurant goes downhill, you can dang sure sure still enjoy a good steak on your back porch grill. It's the restaurant that has to try to earn your business back!
  8. I just hope that our players have been embarrassed enough this week, that their own self pride takes over. It's looking like that is all we can hope for at this point.