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  1. Actually leonard and desir being out is the least of my worries. As I stated before Leonard has not been playing as well so far this year and I love our depth at lb and cb. Anthony walker is actually a bigger piece to our d than leonard as he gets every one lined up and he had a better season than cj mosely last year, but nobody mentioned him because of how Leonard played. Ej speed and okereke are capable of filling in for Leonard and the colts still have jalen collins that they can call up if need be. Rock, wilson, and moore are all capable defenders if our pass rush gets home.
  2. If Grady is put on glowinski doyle will probably be put in to assist. We didn't have doyle when those two met last year and doyle is an excellent blocker.
  3. Actually he got most the starting reps as Luck was sidelined most of offseason with mysterious calf injury.
  4. The colts offense is a mystery. Despite running well we haven't been utilizing play action or throwing down field much. Not sure if they are saving it for later or if they don't trust Brissett to throw down the field.
  5. Colts fan here. This games winner will be determined by who wins the battle up front. If Ryan has all day to throw then 38 to 17 falcons. If the colts get lots of pressure 28 to 24 colts.
  6. Colts run zone alot to. That's why teams kill us between the 20s. This year they have been mixing in man to man more as that is supposed to be rock and Wilson's strength.
  7. Heard a rumor cam was considering retiring, but def has not been himself so far this year
  8. Well I'm one of the fans from over there. My question is how good is your pass defense.
  9. At least you know that ryan can win a shoot out. Can't say the same for Brissett.
  10. It is if Brissett is throwing for 150 yards every game. Unless mack and company rush for 300. Every game.
  11. Actually if your oc is smart he'll attack us with screens and in the mid range. Our lbs seem to whiff on tackles during screens hence why austin E had such a big game. Another factor is our defense has a habit of getting a stop on 3rd and then extending the opponents drive with a bone headed penalty. This is what handed the chargers two touchdowns and helped the titans get back in game
  12. Well frank Reich offense is set up to target the short stuff first and then go deep. When Brissett started in 2017 chud's offense was the opposite. Deep first and then short. So Brissett can throw deep. He just hasn't been asked to so far. They might be more willing to try at home. Also in our d Anthony walker is the Mike and gets the d set up. There was a bigger drop in performance when he was out last year than when Leonard was. Plus Leonard's play hasn't been as good so far this year hence why I said there won't be much drop off. Leonard has been getting beat in coverage and w
  13. Yea ya sin is a rookie but he plays physical tight coverage. Margus is a good run defender and will occasionally block a kick or tip a pass. Pro football focus rated our rookie as safety second best in the league this past sunday. Willis. Not sure if he's that good , but his snap percentage went from about 10 percent to 50 last week so the coaching staff must like him. One thing we have struggled against is running back screens as our fast lbs sometimes over pursue. Our backup lbs are alot better that last year that's why I'm not as concerned if leonard misses time. Ej speed is
  14. To be fair they are down to their third string qb now.
  15. If you want to beat the colts. Throw passes in the short to medium range. Also stop the run and hope adam v continues missing
  16. Nah this colts team has fight in them. Also they have more than hooker and Houston on defense. You failed to mention denico Autry, willis, turay who is like a young justin Houston, Muhammad another good pass rusher, tyquan lewis, quincy wilson, kenny Moore, rock ya sin, ej speed, Anthony walker, margus hunt.
  17. The falcons may win with vinatieri missing kicks. Colts currently ranked number 2 in nfl at rushing the qb and that was with sheard and turay out last game. Brissett typically takes care of the football so that usually keeps games close. They have not asked him to win with his arm yet, but he certainly can as his arm is stronger than Luck's. Also keep an eye out for parris Campbell and deon cain. Frank Reich has criminally under used both so far and one will probably break out soon.
  18. Greetings falcons fans. Colts are deep at corner so the desir injury shouldn't change much. Kenny moore, wilson, rock ya sin. Also our depth linebackers are better now. Ej speed and Bobby okereke can fill in for Leonard if need be. On defense Denico autry is a monster up the middle. If kemico turay plays he was the number 1 rated pass rusher in the nfl week 1. We have a promising you safety in willis who looks to be overtaking geathers for ss safety.
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