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  1. They we would be starting if we didn't have Leonard and walker.
  2. Too early to say. Brissett certainly has the arm to put the team on his back. We just haven't asked him to.
  3. Pressure from Houston turay and autry will be how we win if we win. They won't just stand back and let matt ryan blow them out at home when rivers couldn't do it on the road
  4. Any stats for 2017 are irrelevant as colts had a worse oline then. Brissett is on pace to throw 40 tds this year he only threw 13 that year.
  5. Colts have been mixing in more man with their defense this year.
  6. Idk Brissett doesn't turn over the football much. Also they worse the colts have scored is 19 on the road. They def scoring more than 10 at home.
  7. Colts will be fine. Rivers plays just as well as matty ice and they faired well against him at home. They will fare just as well vs. Matt ice at home especially considering matt ice has been throwing as many ints as tds recently.
  8. I disagree. Colts won't lose like that at home. I think the colts will score alot more than 10. Also if the colts get pressure like I think they will the falcons may not reach 31 either.
  9. Nah pierre will play. They may put him on julio and have rock and wilson on Ridley and sanu or they could put rock on julio with hooker shadowing over top and put pierre on ridley
  10. Leonard was bad at defending screens and sweeps anyway lol
  11. Leonard is out but bobby okereke will start in his place and he is slightly better in coverage than Leonard. Ej speed will also probably see some time and he has a high motor like leonard.
  12. 2015 game doesn't matter now. Different colts team and coaching staff. Same with the falcons.
  13. Jags d is no joke and titans are still without starting left tackle
  14. You mean wilkins? He has better vision and runs with more power than Mack, but he is slower. He is good at blocking and catching to reminds me of matt forte.
  15. Leonard and pierre probably won't play. The great thing is we have the depth to deal with that. The most important player for the colts in my opinion is turay. Looks like he will play. Have to get pressure on Ryan and he has improved massively since last year.
  16. 27 to 17 isn't a nail biter. 28 to 27 with difference being a missed vinatieri extra point
  17. I imagine Brissett will have to cut loose at some point
  18. Nah this colts team feels like it can compete for division title. Not sure if they could compete with chiefs or Patriots, but if Brissett continues to protect the ball we can be in any game.
  19. If both teams run the ball well I can see it being low scoring. Also Dan Quin is still popular in my hometown from when he played at the college here.
  20. Idk haven't got on theirs lol. I'm expecting a close hard fought game. This will be the colts first home game so I expect them to do better than when they were on the road. How much better and whether it is enough to win remains to be seen. This game is very important for the colts. For one it is one of two home games before our bye and if we lose we will probably head to bye at 2 and 3 or worse as we play the chiefs on the road game five. After the falcons we have the raiders at home which should be a winnable game, but you never know. The team is still trying prove that Lu
  21. Lol yea typing from phone. No pass rush is secret weapon. If that doesn't get to Ryan Falcons win big. Also not sold on eagles running game. They haven't been great on ground since superbowl year. Mack is similar to dalvin cook in that he can take a run to the house with a good block. Dalvin is faster though. Also wilkins is to the colts what Blount was to the eagles. He is an underrated power back with great vison.
  22. That and Hasselbeck was a great backup qb who didn't make many mistakes.
  23. I'm expecting a close game. This colts team has alot of fight in them. Think that comes from Frank Reich. They don't make excuses. If Leonard is out it's next man up and speed is a beast. If desir is out Rock, Collins or tell will step up. They go out and compete no matter who is out there and they still perform well.
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