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  1. sheard hasn't played so far this year so that one isn't as big news
  2. the majority of experts on espn picked the falcons
  3. oh I thought the few times I saw him fill in he did well, but I can understand not wanting to pay him if you don't feel he's worth the money.
  4. Sadly they don't have a choice now. The other option is brian hoyer. Not sure if fans will chant for him to start even if Brissett had a 99 yard five int game.
  5. lol idk, but I know his arm strength isn't the reason he doesn't throw down the field. I've got a question. why did the falcons get rid of coleman?
  6. lol I think bobby will do fine. Leonard has struggled this year. He missed a tackle versus the chargers which allowed their rb to score a td. He has been getting beat in coverage. Most of the tackles he got versus the titans were after their playmakers were past the line to gain. It has been a rough start for him. Ballard drafted two ilb this draft for a reason. He hated the depth behind walker and leonard. Now we will see if the depth is better than last year.
  7. I don't think so. Luck even said Brissetts are was stronger. It's a moot point throw as Brissett rarely uses his arm. One of the knocks on Brisett is he didn't have as much touch in 2017 and was firing the ball on screens and to the back of the endzone. this year he has been putting less heat on the throws. Luck said in the article he wasn't sure he could throw it that far down the field while scrambling. I've seen brissett do that on a few occasions in 2017, 2018,but he hasn't thrown deep much this year except on the pass interference call to cain.
  8. Hope we don't lose 31 to 10 at home. If we do I'd hate to see the score of the chiefs game in two weeks when we go to arrowhead.
  9. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2018/09/23/indianapolis-colts-explain-jacoby-brissett-andrew-luck-hail-mary-philadephia-eagles/
  10. Well idk Brissett just isn't a gunslinger. He takes the check down more than he likes throwing deep despite his arm strength. I can understand taking the check down in 2017 as he got to the colts right before the first game and didn't know the play book or have chemistry with the wrs. This year I think the coaching staff is still shell shocked from Luck's retirement and is trying to ease Brissett in. I post the arm strength thing in a minute.
  11. True waiting to see if the completion percentage and td to int ratio holds up. Not sure about the completion percentage, but feel good about the td to int ratio sticking as even in college Brissett seemed to be pretty good with not throwing many ints. I guess in some cases taking a sack can be better than throwing a pick.
  12. Yea doesn't take much for fans to boo. I mean the coaching staff and Luck both said they thought he'd be out there game 1 and they the retirement came out of left field. I can see why some fans booed. I thought it was fake news at first. Ryan grigson took to long to fix the oline and by the time a competent gm and coach came it was too late.
  13. Similar. Brissett hasn't had the yardage of Luck, but his completion percentage and qb rating are higher than Luck's last year. Also has a better td to int ratio. Bobby okereke may have less tackles than Leonard, but maybe he has more ints or makes more stops on third down. A replacement doesn't have to be better than their predecessor at everything. They just have to use what they do best to help us get a win.
  14. Being sent to prison is different than retiring right before the season when the best indy team in years had been built around him. Infact if Luck had went to prison like Vick there probably wouldn't have been boos. The boos the result of confusion and frustration from a small group of fans. Infact the people that were burning Luck jerseys probably weren't fans to begin with. Just people seeking attention. I have a Luck jersey and a autographed hat and haven't burned or threw away either.
  15. Colts have always had an emphasis on depth stepping up. When Gary bracket got hurt melvin b stepped up. Besides we have more than one star lb and if need be Geathers can play lb as well.
  16. I imagine the people who spent thousands of dollars on season tickets would boo if they were expecting a great season and then the star qb retires right before the season starts. I'm sure falcons fans would boo if matt ryan announced his retirement in a similar fashion. It's like buying tickets to see Bruno mars and then when you get there you see 98 degrees on the stage.
  17. Doesn't have to as long as they play solid we will be ok for one game. They always say next man up and they take the saying seriously.
  18. I never said he was going to sling it on the falcons. I said Brissett can sling it, but has not been asked to. He's not matt cassel. His arm is stronger than Andrew Luck's. He once threw a 60 yard bomb to hilton while rolling to the right. Brissett can throw the football. Frank Reich just hasn't asked him to. Even before Luck retired Frank Reich said he wanted a top five rushing attack this year and that is what he has been doing so far. Emphasizing the run. That is the only reason the passing attack hasn't put up big numbers.
  19. I'll be back to find you sunday should you lose. Brissett is 1-1 this year and barely lost that first game. If he does lose it will be a close hard fought loss.
  20. Leonard was a rookie last year who got a chance because our lbs other walker sucked. Speed and okereke now get a chance with Leonard out. As I said I'm not worried. Ballard has done an excellent job picking talent that has an impact right away unlike grigson.
  21. Brissett is capable of doing it. He just hasn't been asked to do it. Probably doesn't help that our number 2 and 3 wrs are cain who us coming back from torn acl and Campbell who is a rookie. To me it looks like Frank Reich is easing them in. That's why I say it is too early to say whether Brissett can or can't carry a team.
  22. Rivers has a higher qb rating in the reg season. Also compare their stats so far this year.
  23. Rivers has been better than matt ryan career wise and so far this year. If we can hang with him on the road we should be able to hang with Ryan at home.
  24. He carried the colts to a win in 2017 versus the texans when he threw for over 300 yards and 3tds. The current colts team is built in a way it doesn't have to overly rely on one person.
  25. Mack is playing, Williams may play as well. He is a good short yardage back
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