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  1. No it isn't. The colts had similar issues when they started 1-5 last year. There is still time to right the ship.
  2. Def should be an elite passing attack based on your wr talent. The key is getting off to faster starts, fixing penalties, and turnovers.
  3. If you don't want him trade him to the colts. We'd be glad to have a Freeman Mack combo. There some good backs coming out next year so you could wait til then to get rid of him.
  4. Falcons are a passing team. Ryan should do better at getting his playmakers involved earlier. I think Ridley should have had more targets earlier in the game.
  5. Yea Brissett throws shorter and let's his play makers do the rest. May be one of the reasons for lower int rate.
  6. Yea an excellent play. Becerra got that with Pagano as the coach.
  7. Yea Brissett has had a higher completion percentage than Luck. There is still plenty of room for improvement with him though.
  8. When all is said and done Matt Ryan will have better career numbers than Rivers unless he abruptly retires.
  9. Whoever is good at catching screens. We suck at defending those. Also tight ends have good games against US as well.
  10. Lol Falcons will definitely be a playoff team. We just looked at some film on the colts forum showing Brissett checking down to a short throw when he had a wide open hilton running down the field. If he keeps doing that it might be a blowout. Actually the last time we were blown out at home was when the jaqs beat us 27 to 0 in 2017 with Brissett starting. Brissett had 0 tds and 0 ints in that game.
  11. Well they do have the dolphins on their schedule. If they can't blow them out then they probably won't blow anyone out.
  12. He needs a good game nearly every game to be worth that contract
  13. The reason I don't see 37 to 10 is the colts run the football too much for that kind of score. Not to mention Mack's best runs usually come from him bouncing outside. The only way 37 to 10 could happen is if the colts abandon the run. Brissett plays like Fitzpatrick and throws 6 ints. Essentially the whole team would have to not show up. If the game were in Atlanta maybe, but at lucus oil. Atlanta has not even showed that they that explosive on offense yet. They have the talent, but haven't played up to it. It will be a close competitive game.
  14. Just did some looking around and am surprised at the number of experts that picked the colts. I thought it would be the other way around with Matt Ryan being the more experienced qb
  15. On the colts forum one of the posters said 7 of 10 ESPN experts picked the falcons, but I haven't checked to verify this.
  16. Lol yea he will back up bobby okereke. Bobby has 34 and a half inch arms and runs a 4.5 40. Speed has 33 and 1/4 inch arms and runs a 4.6. Bobby okereke draft comparison was darius Leonard.
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