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  1. What does being a Patriots fan have to do with wallowing in misery with Falcon fans? Perhaps I enjoy misery and like it here??
  2. Both are asskissers and not worthy of the position they hold! Both clearly have been telling Blank feel good stories and pointing the finger at everyone but themselves for a long time! Both will continue to cloud the investigation Blank is conducting the next two weeks in a furlong hope of saving their jobs? but eventually one has to go first and that one will be the one that convinces Blank this disaster was the other guys fault! My money is on Quinn feeding Dimotroff to the wolves!
  3. Exactly! Vick with Julio Jones would have destroyed NFL defenses and Julio might actually not be shut down in the red zone! With Ryan Julio often becomes Just another guy running around out there!!!!
  4. I’m desperately trying to make one happen! Mike Vick deserves it!!!!
  5. Shanny had them intentional muff it as to not pour salt in our wound???
  6. Let’s open this can of worms!!! Mike Vick had character flaws? He needed support at times during his career that he did not receive because the Falcons decided to hire a playboy wannabe Jim Mora Jr to coach the team instead of a real coach that could have kept Vick on a straighter path? That being said if Vick had not thrown away his career in a dog fighting scandal! The Falcons would have won at least 1 Super Bowl and possibly more! RYAN has flawless character! He is the essential QB, tall pocket passer harking back to the good old boys! But as we are witnessing more and more, his
  7. In ABs own words? ”We will make the right decisions for the right reasons”? Was Ryan’s bloated contract the right decision? Was Signing Julio to big money when he still had a year to play in old deal a right decision? Was Freeman’s contract the Man that blew a Super Bowl a Right decision? Making Beasley the highest paid draft bust in NFL history a Right decision? When is the last time this team made a right decision? Mr Blank???
  8. They played just well enough for Blank to claim improvement and keep Quinn! **** it!
  9. Imagine being in Blanks shoes? His has a mother-load of money so throwing some away isn’t a big deal! He could set in front of a roaring fireplace and set $100 dollar bills to the torch in happiness? But he is paying some absolute talentless scrubs huge money? His money which he has frivolously allowed Dimotroff and Quinn to piss away? That has got to be unsettling!
  10. Is it possible to get rid of the entire coaching staff and the GM during the bye week! I’m sure Mike McCarthy will be willing to start early????
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