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  1. You will never hear this kind of brutal honesty from Quinn! He’s like it was a great week in practice and we are working so hard to get right every week!!!
  2. The Rams greatest show on Turf will be back next week! Rams might hang 40 by Halftime??
  3. You days of hugging Ryan’s nuts are about to be over! The New Coach will bring in his own QB! Younger, more mobile, and worth his contract !
  4. They are doing their job! They are just doing enough to stay on the field? Nothing more! They will not do anything xtra for this Coaching Staff!
  5. Punched in the mouth Pushed around Sloppy, Undisciplined play Penalty Ridden Laying down on the field like a wet Whore Boring, predictable game plans Failing to adjust to what the other team is doing Quitting But the Worst is not yet happened! That will occur within the next few weeks! The Seahawks, Rams, Saints, and Panthers are licking their chops !!!!
  6. If Matt Ryan who has been in the league since 2008 needs yet another learning curve! He’s not very intelligent and should be in another profession that requires less thinking and improvising!
  7. All Georgia teams are snakebite and Voodooo cursed!
  8. The Falcons continue to write the Book on a 1000 ways to lose a Football game??
  9. Your overconfidence is your weakness!
  10. Don’t worry, Quinning will Quinn before this game is done?
  11. We need Arizona to pull this game out **** it???
  12. Maybe 4 possessions! The players ain’t taking any chances???
  13. What are you talking about? The man surrendered the biggest lead in Super Bowl history! He will live in Infamy in the annuals of all professional sports!
  14. The # 1 pick is meaningless if the new Coach/GM is not the right coach/GM?? The next Coaching Hire has to be right!!
  15. Players having a difficult time hiding it! They been dealing with this coaching staff all though off season camp, preseason, now regular season! The problem is clearly internal!!!