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  1. 1- totally agree. Though Lindstrom might miss some time, hopefully it’s not as bad as we are fearing. 2- also totally agree. 3- agree, Debo missed plenty of time as well. This defense hasn’t played together with a lot of key players healthy in a long time. 4- time will tell with the Vikings. Great defense, and they match up well with us given their run D, pass rush and Rhodes being able to match up physically with Julio. Their O isn’t going to look as good all year as they looked against us today imo. Negatives: 1- We were definitely outcoached and while we need time to gel, we shouldn’t have been THIS sloppy to start the game. That’s on Quinn and the staff. 2- yeah... I’m not sure why we thought this might work. 3- I think we should hold off on calling Oliver awful. He was awful today, but he spent a lot of time on Thielen, one of the best route runners in the NFL and the pass catcher with the most chemistry with Cousins on the roster. That’s a tough matchup for a lot of corners, not just Oliver. I’m very concerned with our run defense, we looked awful. We also didn’t have much pass rush, but that’s nothing new for us. Beasley continues to look soft and not live up to what he showed early in his career. I don’t think we look like a playoff team, but we might end up 8-8 or slightly better if we gel and pull things together. If not... I think Quinn is probably going to get canned.