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  1. Ryan and the offensive coordinator is not taking advantage of all of this blitzing that Philadelphia is choosing to do out of desperation and it is pissing me off!!
  2. Check this out my fellow Falcon fans! The term "Any Given Sunday" was coined for a reason. As pissed as I was after last week's game, that's not the Falcons that we will see each week, believe that.A team can get beat by any team given the right circumstances and certain things falling into place. Minnesota benefited from our mistakes and bad play last week.****, we lost to the sorry-*** Browns last year after kicking Washington's *** the previous week in Washington! There's no guarantees that the Eagles are going to come in our house and beat us, believe that! We play good defense and execute
  3. Any football person KNOWS that games are won and lost in the trenches!The Falcons have SPEED,not size.Neutralize their D-line by running quick-strike timing plays.Matt needs to get the ball out of his hands quickly which would neutralize the Eagles pass rush. Better preparation and more creative play calling would get them back on track, at least on offense against the Eagles.
  4. I'll be all that,you must be BLIND.You can clearly see the difference in both of their games!One has it,the other one doesn't!If the Falcons had Brees,we would've won atleast 2 rings by now with the talent they have.Ijs
  5. I'm sitting here watching how the Saints came back on the Texans after playing horrible in the first half. If this would have been Atlanta playing the Texans, we would have gotten blown out of the stadium! Drew Brees makes all of the right decisions and better throws than Matt Ryan does and doesn't panic under pressure. He has drive and fire when he plays. And this is coming from a person that hates the Saints!
  6. Come on fellow Falcon fans, haven't we seen this movie before?! Our talent being under utilized, no passion from the head coach coupled with bad play- calling and lack of preparation in big games or games against equal or superior talent? I for one am tired of this ****! Especially when I see lesser teams executing nice offensive plays and winning games, and no names making good defensive plays and playing their hearts out. Something needs to change within the organization. Look how the 49'ers looked today on the road! SMDH
  7. I for one think that they are, but it's going to take a talented coaching staff that knows what to do in key situations to fix them and utilize the vast amount of talent that the Falcons possess. It really upsets me to see teams with less talent than we have succeed and have an offense that has flare and pop to it. Our offense looks vanilla and the plays take way too long to develop in the passing game. #SAMEOLE'SAMEOLE'
  8. I know that there is no perfect formula for putting together a team, but I'm tired of seeing the type of talent we have be UNDER UTILIZED by this coaching staff. It's one thing to lose a game, but when you don't compete and play mistake-filled football, you're doomed to fail. How can Julio Jones be covered most of the game and can't seem to get open no matter what, but Michael Thomas and other lesser receivers always seem to be open?
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