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  1. You are being ridiculous with that none sense. Are you even a fan of the team? While he did get out coached and his performance is bad as of recent, he did take us to a bowl game and he did earn his coaching gig.
  2. He was on his way out of bounds though and its flagged everytime as it should be.
  3. Well I am glad it's only an 8 week injury. Also glad we have depth at that position. My main concern is Matthews' play, or lack off.
  4. True. I think it'll be a close game. How do you see our OL doing against their tough DL?
  5. Umm what kind of illogic is that? If you take his best run away still averages 2.6 which is better. All RB are streaky and depend on breaking long runs. Freeman didn't look threatening or break a long run. You take away Feeman's long run and he is down to 2.0 yards. He also fumbled and looked bad all preseason long. Give me the RB with the hot hand, and you let the cold rusty one play back up snaps until he gets hot so he doesnt fumble our season away.
  6. And Freeman had 2 more carries for a total of 2.4 ypc and one fumble. So what does that tell you? Freeman had a horrible game. To compound the problem is Cook was coming off an injury riddled season and had a monster game, so he is rusty and not playing up to scratch. That's exactly my point. Whether he plays 300 snaps or 10 billion snaps is irrevelant, Freeman is not good right now.
  7. Even with MR2 at his best unless we win the turnover battle it will be a wrap.
  8. Lmao explaining that must have been cumbersome . Did that with my wife before, luckily she trusts me.
  9. Eagles fans already salivating at our matchup. Looks like even their fans know the easy recipe to beat us. Hopefully we switch things up at RB and have Ito take the bulk of the snaps, and play screens better. I actually like us rushing 4 more than rushing 5 as beasley is worthless anyway.
  10. I'd love to have Xavien Howard on this team. Willing to give up Devonta Freeman, a 3rd round pick, and their choice of Vic Beasley or a bag of chips.
  11. I mean theres a glimmer of hope and the team will improve. Cant get any worse. Many just want to vent and see on going problems be addressed.
  12. If they aren't excuting it IS a preparation problem. Setting the edge has been an ongoing problem going into preseason with Devondre Campbell crashing hard inside everytime, you have to credit the vikings for exploiting it. Allowing 3 screens to be taken 10+ yards on a down and distance IS a preparation problem. we are the worst screen defense in the NFL going back to last season. Freeman averaging 2.0 ypc since preseason and looking rusty IS a preparation problem. Ive found people do their jobs better when these things are drilled into them, as recall allows you be ready. Roman soldiers used to say preparation meets victory. We got squashed because we are badly coached.
  13. I dont think they were prepared at all, the team looked shell shocked from the get go with the blocked punt.
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