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  1. Equal parts implosion by Atlanta and a solid effort by the Vikings. I have no doubt the Falcons are better than what they showed today, and skeptical enough to have doubt that the Vikes, especially the run game, are THAT good. And for the record, I was expecting 24-21 Vikings.....home field 3 point advantage. Good luck the rest of the year.
  2. Well, as happy as I am with the results, I am very surprised at this final score (which didn't really reflect how poorly Atlanta played, or how well Minnesota played, depending on your point of view). That was just a game that got out of hand early. Lot's of "turning points", but IMHO that fumble in MN territory midway thru the 2nd was a killer. The Falcons score a TD there, it's 14-7 and, again, IMO, the game takes a different turn from there. Once it was 21 nothing, the game was over. Just time for Ryan to pad the stats a bit, there was no way he was coming back from 21 down against tha
  3. Hope I'm not intruding, as I'm obviously NOT a Falcons fan, but I do agree with those who state that stopping Cook and the running game will be key. I'm not a Cousins fan by any stretch (yet, anyway), but if the Vikings run game gets going, that goofy bahstad is actually pretty good at play-action. Thielen and Diggs are 2 REALLY good WR's, albeit not the game-changers that Julio is. Kyle Rudolph is no slouch at TE, either, but again, not a game-changer. You also better double Hunter coming off the edge or else he might do serious harm to Matt. That guy is truly a freak of nature, I shyte
  4. It would be rude to post on your site, and then not offer a prediction. Gotta go with the home team, I'm thinking 24-21 or 21-17. Vikes. If this were in Atlanta, I'd go with the Falcons by the same margin. Would not be surprised at all if it went the opposite way. The only thing that would shock me would be a blowout (12+ point differential) for either team. And I'd also like to thank the members on this site for their civilized and insightful replies to my post asking for "insider" info on the Falcons. I certainly appreciated it! Here's to an injury-free game!
  5. Yeah, THAT was the game that made me re-think how much I let a teams' performance effect my state of mind. I refuse to live and die with them anymore. I'm sure a lot of Vikings players were hitting the strip clubs that night while most fans were sobbing into their pillows. But to your question of how SB 33 would have gone? i'm afraid not much better than it went for the Dirty Birds. A bunch of Vikings were banged up in that NFCC game and would have missed the game. Horse-teeth would have gotten his second ring regardless. Although, I certainly wish the Vikings had at least MADE to SB that
  6. Can't argue with your points, but the Vike's D is pretty stout, especially at home. As is usually the case with evenly matched teams, TO's will probably be the difference. I wouldn't be shocked if the Falcons won, but I have to confess I'd be very surprised if they won by double digits. We'll know for sure in about 23 1/2 hours!
  7. I guess I can appreciate that. I'm sure your NFC South brethren in Charlotte, N.O and TB can hit that mark fairly easily. Might be a bit more difficult for me. I had forgotten about Koetter, thanks for the reminder. Thats a fair point you make. Skol!
  8. Rather than flood thread with individual replies, I'll offer up one big group "Thank you!". Good stuff from the fans who follow the team daily. I appreciate the info. Just to be clear, I didn't mean to rip on Ryan. I suppose that my opinion of him comes from a relatively small sample size, and the Falcons seem to lose more often than not when I see them. I appreciate everyone's insight. I'm really looking forward to this one, not only because it's game one, but I think it's a good match up between 2 fairly evenly matched teams. If I were betting, I'd probably lean towards the home te
  9. Thanks for your feedback. Good stuff and much appreciated. And, btw, I am totally jealous that you're going to be at the game! I haven't been to the new stadium yet, but from what I've heard it is amazing. And good, decent fans, too....you don't need to fear about anything other than good-natured ribbing. I heard Diggs is questionable, but if I were a Falcons fan, I'd worry more about D. Cook coming out if the backfield. I think I read some stat about Atl being the worst D against RB passing yards the last 4 seasons or so. If true, that plays right into dinky-dunky Cousins' hands.
  10. I would say somewhere @ 9-7 to 11-5. I think the Falcons and Vikings are quite similar this year, not in specific overall team make up, but in recent history and current potential. I'm curious to see if Atlanta flounders again, does Ryan starts to feel some heat. As an outsider, I'm not sure if he has or hasn't in the past, but as a longtime NFL fan, I'd be a little PO'd if my team made excuses again for the franchise QB. Making the big bucks means more is expected than just saying scripted shyte like "we've got to do better" or the patented "wait until next year". Just MHO.
  11. OK. That's an interesting requirement for a fan board, IMHO, but I do appreciate your accommodation in this instance. Just looking for some non-purple shaded insight! Thank you, sir!
  12. Hey, ATLPhil. Thanks for the reply confirming my issue with posting on "Talk about the Falcons". So I join, get confirmation, but can't post on the site? LMAO!! Regarding your take on 28-3? I feel ya.....1998 NFC Championship game, at HOME, Moss & Carter, Record setting offense, Kicker hasn't missed a FG in TWO years....still had to watch that sorry-*** dirty bird dance....and deservedly so. The Falcons earned that win every bit as much as the Vikings choked it away. <sigh>
  13. Sorry this is in the wrong forum for discussing the upcoming season-opening Atlanta vs Minnesota game. I just joined this site today, but after all the usual registration crap, I was unable to select the Falcons Forum to create a new post. Strange. Anyway, I was able to post on Around the NFL, so here I am! At any rate, I wanted to get some feedback from true Falcons fans instead of the usual national jackasses. Not only about Sunday's match-up, but your team in general. (I'm a Vikings fan from the Bronx, currently living in the Charlotte area.....yeah, I know, WTF, right?) Many Viki
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