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  1. You better get use to it if you plan on being an Atlanta fan. Lets hope the Braves don't choke this year.
  2. We have everyone where we want them. If we go 0-3, then we'll be in the driver's seat.
  3. That what's called when the cameraman pans the audience and there's a hot girl jumping up and down with you know what.
  4. I hope he doesn't get Falcontitus and starts shanking his punts.
  5. Might as well keep burning picks on the lines. They've spent enough picks on the lines already and have little to show for it.
  6. They should change the name to Timex. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  7. Idk, Gallman's phone must be ringing off the hook with teams looking for him.
  8. Idk, that's how you end up with a bust. They start losing confidence and it goes downhill.
  9. People think Fields or Lance would have done better today if the Falcons drafted them.
  10. Hope is not a plan. Not wasting draft picks on bad players is a plan.
  11. Using a 1st or 2nd pick as a "reach" makes no sense. They drafted them thinking they were the future. Have you ever heard of team saying we drafted this person as a reach and they will probably be a bust?
  12. I doubt a team uses a that high of pick on a pick that they think will be a bust.
  13. Why would a team use such a high pick on a QB if they didn't think they were good?
  14. A QB has been taken with the top pick since 2014 and only 2 of those years the first one was taken with the second pick and one year with the third pick.
  15. If the Falcons keep playing this bad, they will be in the top 4 again if not the first overall pick and they can take the next "can't miss" QB as they are some every year. They can sit a year behind Ryan assuming he's not crippled from this o-line.
  16. He looked really bad and the Eagles only did a 4 man rush. I hope Rosen is ready.
  17. It's the same old broken record every year. No pass rush and a weak o-line. You can't gain any yards if by the time the ball is being handed off someone is there to tackle the RB.
  18. It's a miracle he didn't go out on a stretcher today. With the o-line letting people bye straight up the gut with barely a touch, he's on borrowed time.
  19. We need "it's just one game thread". Then it's just the "second game thread" ....We go through this each year and end up finishing 4-12.
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